Recording Update + New Video Page On the Site


Hheelllloo eevveerryyoonnee ,

Devin typing here, making my first Sun Hotel post to tell you about 2 recent pieces of news.

I really like that picture.

First off, we’re currently in the process of recording something spectacular! We spent all day yesterday in the studio at Loyola – calling upon the aid of pizza delivery, several on several red cream sodas, chinese take-out, a large American flag (essential), along with about 5 hours of patience for a crashing computer – and emerged completely victorious, lining up most of the tracks for a 4 song EP that we plan to have finished some time next month, January; and, oh boy, it already sounds so delicious. Once everyone gets back in town from the holidays, it’ll be on to polish it off. The EP itself, I might add, will take you through all the loves and troubles of marriages and bombard and rock you with the sound of divorce (it’s a concept EP, sort of, you’ll see what I mean.) The track listing will most likely consist of: All-ways, Plantation Land, Swamp Thang, and Honey. Look forward to it!

Also, if you’ll notice, I’ve added a new Video page to this site. It contains links to videos of some of our live performances, along with one extra something that’s quite entertaining. Check it out at the top of this blog page, or just click here.



And then it goes to…

Hey hey,

More news yall! This weekend we have a big show coming up that we put together as an early commemoration to the end of a decade(crazy right? a new decade is 14 days away!) and we would love it if you came and showed us your pretty face. Maybe even wrap it in a nice scarf and sweater?


But yeah, this FRIDAY at CAFE PRYTANIA starting at 930PM, us, Mojo Method, New Grass Country Club and Jesse Heinstein a.k.a. Heist Almighty mash-up master extradanoire are throwing down and hopefully not throwing up in a celebration of all things good coming in the near future (i.e. presents, whiskey & egg nog, fires, family, ham, sleep, whiskey & egg nog, baileys & egg nog, etc).

Just like we always say, come on out! It’s bound to be a great time(mostly because I, Alex “Don’t-Believe-That-The-Band-Sports-Exist” Hertz only have about three hooks I know to promote shows coming up). It’s the holiday season we can be corny right?

Thanks for stopping by! Tried to keep it short for everyone cause I know yer busy buying lots of presents and toys.

Yes, giftcards to pitapit are fine. :)


We gon git down!

Hello hello,

Hope life is still treating you right. Just chiming in to let you know about this SATURDAY¬† 10PM at Artmosphere. We’re playing with our good friends in Gamma Ringo and The Class War. Should be a good time right?

Image provided courtesy of Valerie Nehrbass

Image provided courtesy of Valerie Nehrbass

The show starts @ 10ish and we’ll be the first to kick it off with The Class War following us and closing with good ole’ GR. If you are planning on attending and want us to know like we hope you do ; ) you can go ahead and follow this link to the Facebook event. Chyeaah!

All in all, if you’re in town, down with some good music, and are looking for something to do, come on out it’s bound to be a great time!

New Song! And more to come!

Hello all and goooood morning. Atleast for me I suppose.

Hope all is well with you and the family. I’ve been good myself you know, bumping that TopBillion recently. Fellow Loyola artists repping you know?! He got that chopped and screwed mix-tape!

As for the realm of Sun Hotel, we got some of them dope new tunes too. Now it’s not chopped in screwed by any means but who knows maybe it could be! DJ Ballvo hit me up!

As some of you may know, if you follow us on Twitter or are on our E-mail list, that we have just recently released a new, acoustic tune on bandcamp free for you all to enjoy and download! We did it as a favor for some friends in the Studio Techniques class @ Loyola University and they were nice enough to give us the session file and let us mix it!

So before I bullshit anymore just because I love to hear myself talk, I give you, “Loose Woman.”

If you like what you hear and would like to share the love you can use the following code to embed this same player! So cool!

Anyways, thanks for stoppin by!

-Alex&Sun Hotel $$

Say cheese

Blog posts mean big news right? Oh yes, oh yes it does.

Now, some may have said that good ole’ Sun Hotel was crazy for its move from two to four members and who knows, maybe it was, but we think not. In fact, just to show you how good of an idea we thought the full four member line up switch was, we decided we would add another two more members! Yeah!

So with out further ado, I, Alex “let’s-not-talk-about-how-I’m-from-the-north” Hertz, will have the pleasure of introducing Caddywhompus’s very own, Chris Rehm(right) and Mojo Method’s Ross Farbe(left) OOOO AAAAA!

Awesome right? We hope you think so!

You know, now that I think of it……you’re probably going to need to come to one of our shows correct? I mean, that really is the only way you can make an accurate judgement of this spectacular addition correct? Ahhh yesss so it is! Well then, shall I write out a list of our upcoming shows?I think so!




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Thanks for stopping by!

<3 Sun Hotel