Tour Day 6 (Atlanta, GA)


We left close to the first thing in the morning. We had to make a big stop early on to eat, load back up on groceries, and fix a broken lock for our trailer. The road to Atlanta was about 4 hours, at about half way things got weird and we started marvelling at the strange terrain (hills and stuff). We rolled into the city around sunset, beautiful looking city.

The venue looked like our kind of place. Essentially a basement under a community arts center, the atmosphere was both intimate and party-esque, and well decorated.
The vibe of music and fans around us caught us somewhat off-guard, I will admit. Much more of a synth/ambient/experimental/pop party than what we were thinking, but I’m into that too. We played second out of 5, and though we were definitely the odd one out, the fun and connection was still there.

I liked this place a lot. Artsy, comfy, friendly, in a basement.
our tour’s now officially over the hill!



Tour Day 5 (Greenbrier, TN)

Memorable, interesting, enjoyable.

This day was more like Nashville, pt. 2. Greenbrier is only 20 minutes away, so we spent the whole day hanging in Nashville, seeing some awesome shops, food, a kickass park with a giant mosaic dragon, and a lot of Belmont U.
The show was an an early one, we drove over a little before dark.
The venue’s vibe was unique, but welcoming. The owner/guy running everything looked and was dressed exactly like my Dad 10 years ago just getting home from work. At first I actually thought he was lost, but then he and his suit and tie helped us load in our gear right away, and for the rest of the night he did really, really good sound and lightning. Badass points to him.
The first act was a 16 year old solo acoustic act. Probably the most honest thing I’ve seen all tour.
We were up next, and everyone felt pretty good about it. The crowd was slim. However, we met just about every last person who was at this place tonight and they were some of the nicest and genuine people we’ve met yet.
After us was an act by the name of One Eyed Doll. 3 piece heavy heavy rock show, all with makeup and dress, led by the guitarist/singer/show woman appearing as a quite scary life-size doll. Lot of rock, shredding inches away from crowd members faces as she ran amongst everyone, diving onto drumsets, and a very personal and spooky song about New Orleans sung to all of us gathered around in circle like story time. Memorable. Please check them out here.
Last was hardcore-Christian group Gunshow. See what I mean here. Some of the nicest guys.
By far the most colorful band-combination I’ve ever played a show with. I’m glad we met them all, and this venue, because the guy runs it really well as was extremely nice.

sleeping in the car today


Tour Day 4 (Nashville, TN)

Long day, headed up north, we’re scared.

The day started off slow, still soggy in the victory ritual of last night. We rallied around noon, made our cornerstone ham-cheese-hummus sandwiches, cleaned up as best we could as headed out for a long drive to Nashville.
We were all pretty worried about heading this far north, the temperature was dropping below 60 and that’s way out of our element. However, we’ve got some good pals in TN and were pretty jacked about the show.
The place turned out pretty strange, eerie, and almost depressing. There was no one there to run it for the night. Like, actually no one. So, it was pretty weird from the get go. On top of that it just had a very neglected appearence, and the turn out was a little thinner than we anticipated. Thus, the atmosphere was quite different tonight.
However, the show still felt really good and we did make some pretty awesome new friends/teammates and saw some already dear ones (<3 Michelle, Maggie, Pete). Our next stop is only 20 minutes away so we're just hanging pretty hard in Nashville, checking out Belmont, possibly seeing the Parthenon. Neat place! xoxo Devin

Tour Day 3 (Jackson, MS)

Talk about a 180 degree show.

My day to drive. : [
We started the day by stocking up on foods to bring along, and had a pretty damn nice picnic under a tree in the parking lot.
After that, it was about 3 hours to Jackson. We got there way early, spent a lot of time getting to know the bartenders and playing video-game Deer Hunting.

So here’s the low-down we got that evening:
The band that’s playing after us is also playing a show at another bar, at the same time we’re supposed to be playing here, then they’re ganna head over afterwards. They, and whoever else is playing over there, are workers of the bar we’re currently at, so apparently all the regular crowd here would be absent. At about 10:15 pm, we were making jokes about Jackson, population 6. Literally 0 other people in the place.
At 10:40 we came back inside and by some magic (it was really baffling) the place was packed. I dunno what bell rang or what let out but we ended up with more new team players (fans) and revenue than our kickoff show.
Not to mention! – the venue gave us all a free meal, and a place to stay. Literally, a small house just for us.
Our happiness is only understandable by some of the closing clips of this day’s video.

We <3 Jackson and Ole Tavern....and ryan seiter Devin

Tour Day 2 (Baton Rouge, LA)

Hittin’ the road.

Today was our first day out of town. After delaying an hour or two, stopping by Cafe Prytania to pick up my cymbals that we left there last night, and chasing after a guitar tuner, we were on our merry way.
Coach Cooper Garff is officially introduced in this documentation, and proved that he was well prepared and fit to be the coach of this season of Teamsmanship.
The atmosphere at HTGT was buzzing and fun from the get go. After a total of 5 bands starting from 7pm earlier that evening, we gave this warehouse full of kids our all.
And really, I love this place. It was overall a really fun show. Very homey, but still very ready to rock out, feels like a community there.
After the show we had quite a good time kickin’ it with Ross’s sis Kate, and our best bud Ryan Seiter contributed greatly to narrating a re-cap of the night in this day’s video.

Check it out!
Sendin’ all my love from Jackson tonight


Tour Day 1 (New Orleans, LA)

Here we go.

Devin here, hey all, sorry to have to keep this brief, but we’re literally rushing to get out the door and on our way to Baton Rouge for our show tonight.¬†Thanks to everyone who got down last night at Cafe Prytania and supported!

Check the video to see what it was all about!

By the way, I’ll be posting a video every day here for each of our stops on tour, hopefully with some longer and more informative blogs as well. Spread the good news!

We/I <3 you.


It’s Time.

Saddle up, it’s time to take this show on the road. Sun Hotel is celebrating Spring Break and Holy Week by breaking open-container laws across six states!
Here’s what the schedule looks like:

3/25-TOUR KICKOFF at Cafe Prytania w/ Vox and the Hound and Coyotes – New Orleans, LA
3/26-HGGT Thrift Store – Baton Rouge, LA
3/27-Ole Tavern – Jackson, MS
3/28-Little Hamilton Collective – Nashville, TN
3/29-Loudhouse Coffee – Greenbrier, TN
3/30-WonderRoot – Hotlanta, GA
3/31-Rye Bar – Athens, GA
4/01-Someone’s House – Tallahassee, FL
4/02-Shanty Town – Jacksonville, FL (Good Luck)
4/04-The Haven – Winter Park, FL (WITH OCEANA! Jesus Christ)
4/05-Serda’s – Mobile, AL

Here’s a picture for you, if you don’t feel like connecting the dots:

Lock up your wives and daughters?


Recognize this?

well if ya haven’t then you should take a good look at this picture i put up on the internet to join it’s 5 million others surfing round the web. Sun Hotel is gonna be throwing down on Saturday night at the downstairs la maison with Booty Trove Brass Band, Reno Bo, & Mynameisjohnmichael /// then on Sunday night Ross and I are gonna be sittin on the ground with our keyboards /pedals /psychedelics while Chris Rehm gets to really know the crowd with his brand new single “Clothing Optional”… so you gonn wanna see that.

you can get all the info you need here!

Well what else is new… Alex got a hair cut today at super cuts and fixed up his old guitar, and oh mannn i’m in class and my professor just told a story about how when she was 13 Bruce Springsteen came to her in a dream and told her to study for her biology class… thanks again Boss. Which reminds me! Devin has an effin’ solo album so that’s pretty rad, you can get that for freeeee $$$ here ///

anyhowwww, thanks everyone who came to geronimo! that was outta sightttt, and afterwards we drove back to new orleans and got on TELEVISION, i have to say we’re letting AAALLL the fame go to our heads for sure…. Devin’s developed some narcotics problems i can’t even legally talk about, john hasn’t eaten in days, and Alex hit a girl! not ¬†your typical hangs-out-at-the-circle-bar-on-week-nights-could-be-from-new-orleans east kinda girl, i mean she was a real nice girl. awww hells yeah, class is getting out early! peaceeee

-Tyler <$3