4/16/10 show at The Den

I realized I really like making videos.

For some reason a lot of the clips were acting very glitchy and this was a little rushed, but it’s still a pretty good overview of what went down last Friday.

  • – we chilled in the park, ate crawfish and drank Abita Strawberry. (Thanks to my bro and Allison <3)
  • – let Ryan and Cooper take over the night
  • – paritied hard and had a good time at The Den

As of now, we’re getting ready for our best best friend’s Caddywhompus’s Record Release party this Friday that we will be playing at. Trust me, alllll the cool kids are gonna be there and you WANT this record!

Anyway, hope you guys are enjoying the vids <3


Howlin’ Wolf! + the Tour online DVD

What are you up to this Friday?

We’re going to be losing it at the Howlin’ Wolf with Manchester Orchestra and Thrice:


In other news, if you’d like to re-live all the magic that was our Teamsmanship Tour from this last Spring Break,¬†or just really get to know us a lot better,

head on over to our music/video page and check out the sweet video player we have set up now.

At the moment, we’re busy booking the next tour, getting ready to record again, and chilling way too hard.



Tour Day 12, finale (Mobile, AL)

It’s been a journey.

Well, this is it. Last day for the team to show our stuff.

The day began earlier than ever, as I was awakened by the countdown of a shuttle launch at 5:20 a.m. and ran out of bed with camera in hand to witness it. It was glorious, and worth it.
Soon after, we left for the long road of 8 hours to Mobile.
We had a few pit stops along the way, having left some gear and a very, very important sweatshirt at the house party in Tallahassee. Great to see that place again.
It was a long and winding day on the road.

Our final show was at a coffee shop. Quiet, low-key, relaxed, small. Fine with us.
We played a fairly acoustic set, keeping the volume at about literally 10x lower than usual, and played for about 2 hours, sipping coffee and making a few friends. Ross and Tyler also filled in some time with some of their solo-works.
Bringing along our dearest friend, Sun Hotel’s little sister, Haley, we left late into the night for our last drive to New Orleans.

We rolled in at about 1am, unloaded, and let the coach take over the final speech to re-cap the season.
We also rewarded him quite appropriately for his leadership. See the 6:00 minute mark in the video to see what I mean. It’s perfect.

All in all, we left our hearts on the field, gave 110%, met a bunch of great people and had so many good times.

Looking forward to our next tour in late May/early June tremendously.

By the way, please feel free to let me know what you thought of the videos and blogs! I loved doing them and hope to do it again when we go back on tour. Critique on how they could improve or any feedback would melt my heart.

luv alwys


Tour Day 11 (Orlando, FL)

Happy Easter, Tyler’s home crowd, rock n’ roll

We woke up in a magical Scurlock household and enjoyed the day, jamming some more and relaxing.
We drove out 20 minutes or so to the venue in Orlando, taking our friends from Oceana, Brennan and Denny, with us.

The place was just a solid venue and bar, apart from being tucked away and difficult to find in the back of a shopping strip next to a highway.
There were 4 bands, first being a local hardcore group, Here For the Fight.
Second was Oceana, or, some rendition of it. Two of their members couldn’t attend, so the two left who came with us set up a keyboard and drums and jammed some demos of new material while our very own Alex Hertz supplied some accompanying guitar. It actually worked out really well, I’m pretty excited.
We were third. It went lovely, besides getting sprayed with a strobelight here and there, once again (We thought Gainesville was the last of that). We had probably our best support since the kickoff show.
Last was a solid group named The Story of Sound, who we quickly became good buds with. They were even so kind as to give us their cut of the pay to help us on tour, bless those boys. Sincerely, appreciated so much. However, we still plan on playing dirty and ruthless and kicking their asses in Words with Friends on our iPhones.

We slept back at casa de Scurlock once again, with dreams of the last, very long, day of tour dancing in our heads.



Tour Day 10 (Day Off in FL)

Our day off

No show this night. We picked up our friends Brennan and Denny from Oceana, who we will be playing with, kind of, tonight (Sunday) at The Haven in Orlando, and went to the beach in St. Petersburg.
I got kind of Sunburned Hotel.

We came back to Tyler’s place in a neat lil town called Celebration, spitting distance from Disneyworld. It is magical.
We just goofed off, jammed, swam, and ate and drank merrily for the night.
Only 2 more shows before we’re back home!

Tour Day 9 (Gainesville, FL)

The river. And a strobelight.

We drove to Gainesville late last night so we could wake up and already be there with big plans. It was river day.

Tyler and Spencer, the Florida natives, had known about the Ichetucknee river since his youthful days. They tried to explain to us ahead of time how awesome it was.
Unsuccessful. We were blinded by its beauty, and probably had the best day of tour yet tubing down it. We brang empty bottles and drank straight from the river, jumped off trees hanging 30ft over the water, and swam next to a manatee.

Unforunately, we had to leave eventually. We had to get down to Gainesville to play this dran show that John miraculously booked yesterday to replace our Jacksonville date falling through.

The venue spoke very few words to me – “pure rock n’ roll“. I can best describe it by saying I really felt like we were a small concert scene straight out of Wayne’s World.

We got the most pricless shots of us transforming into arena rock for one night. And one night only.

Now (the next day) is our day off! We’re at the beach all day and kickin’ it at Tyler’s place in Celebration right outside Orlando. Will still make a video and blog for tomorrow.



Tour Day 7 (Athens, GA)

We played Plantation Land twice.

Athens is only about 1.5 hours from Atlanta, so we just hung back all day.
It was finally hot. We went out of our way to soak it in and feel like summer. We spent a few hours just outside our friend’s place. Relaxing, nostalgic day.

Eventually, we went out into the ATL and re-stocked on some music supplies, saw some sights, shopped a bit, and eventually came back and made a serious dinner of pasta, french bread, tostitos, and Coke that will be remembered.
We left late for Athens. We unloaded in the middle of the college-town street into the inviting cellar-bar. We were out-of-towners as the only act in an underground bar. The crowd was thin for most of the night, but as you can see in the video, their loyalty was un-matched.

To be more specific, during our last number at 1am, a few members of the UGA baseball team strolled down and in and were immediately enthusiastic about our cover of the Pixies’ “Where is My Mind?” and afterwards pretty raucously demanded another song. We had already played everything we knew (we were given a 2 hour slot), so we just played Plantation Land again.

We almost had a breakdown on the way home, stopping at 7 different gas stations before finding one that still pumped that gas that late, apparently that’s a thing in Athens.
We’re gonna be OK!

on a long drive to a house party today!