5/29/10 Middletown, CT

We made it to Connecticut?

Well, this is as far north as we go. We did it. B.O.M.B. Fest (tomorrow) is within 10 minutes of here, this was our pre-fest show thing at a night club-esque / UFC watching room.
We met up with a bunch of buddies from back home who are also up for B.O.M.B. Fest and pretty soon, though we’re ages away from home, thing started feeling homey again.
The night was pretty solid, apart from the huge UFC fight projections right next to us which was a little weird, and we all just got pretty jacked about tomorrow.


o jeez


5/28/10 Oxford, PA

Alex’s hometown. This day ruled.

I pretty much explained the day in the captions in the video.
So I’ll just say we had a lot of fun and met a lot of awesome friends.
It was like,
Wake up at 1pm – Hang at Alex’s house – Get to venue at 5pm – Played a super fun show – Partied back at Alex’s house early for his b-day.

miss u


5/27/10 Charlottesville, VA

This place is awesome.

“roooom service.”
“ughhhh no thanks”
“It’s check out!”
“crap guys, my computer’s clock is still behind an hour.”

And so our day began, scrambling to run out of the hotel to avoid an additional fee, stumbling into the bouncemobile and shoving off at around 11:15am. The drive was only about 2 hours, and so we got to Charlottesville early and had some time to take it in.
The venue was in the Downtown Mall. Really pretty outside area with a bunch of cool shops and restaurants.
We ate at a 5 Guys, Tyler got “The Concept of Nature” from a sweet book store, and the venue was this really awesome tea room that we hung around for a long time.
We drove from 1am – 5:40am to Alex’s place in PA afterwards, that wasn’t fun.
But we loved Charlottesville.



5/26/10 Roanoke, VA

Very discreet tour day.

We essentially turned a day off into a very small show and chance to see Roanoke.
The highlights:

  • Beautiful scenic drive, once again.
  • I got a new snare stand and golf bag for my cymbal stands at a nearby thrift for 7$
  • We played some old beauties, like “Stay Drunk” and the infamous first Sun Hotel song “South (All the Kids)”
  • We utilized cans of almonds as shakers.
  • They gave us free sweet tea while we played.
  • With no where to stay, we decided to splooge and just buy drinks and party in a dirty hotel room.

in Charlottesville currently, it’s wonderful.

see ya


5/25/10 Winston-Salem, NC

North Carolina is still the south?

Hell of a drive today. 7-8ish hours through some beautiful mountains and bends and rivers and things. I did a lot of driving along with Ross and Coop while Alex actually made the video for the previous day after I showed him the ropes/jedi ways of daily vid making.
The place lived up to its name, The Garage. That’s what it looked like, but it looked good. Crew, sound guy, other band (Shalini), all were really nice. Once again we felt very welcomed and comfortable. We played a fun set, and were joined nicely by some really nice girls who liked to dance, which always makes a show enjoyable to play. We ended up making friends and receiving a hugely generous offer of a floor to stay on when we announced we were homeless for the night.
We had snacks and watched a scary movie and all slept in one big room on the floor.
Thanks again Brittany and Melanie!



5/24/10 Murfreesboro, TN

Awww yeah! A nice short drive this time around. Only about 3 hours.

After a short little shot up I65 north we ended up at The Boro Bar & Grill at around 5PM. All seemed good and it all ended up turning out to be a great night. After playing a bit of pool to pass the time, buying an 18 pack of PBR for one hell of a good deal(11$) and grabbing a quick bite to eat(out of our cooler of course) we jumped on stage at about 10PM and played a good long set of about 1.5 hours (only because of encouragement from the bar and a large amount of pitchers of Budweiser given to us).

All in all things turned out really well for a monday night in a bar not usually showcasing bands during the week. Made some new friends, gave away some music, and had an awesome time! Oh, and before I forget! Upon packing up our trailer we encountered quite an interesting fellow by the name of Travis who proceeded to invite us to come hang with him with promises of ladies of any race, age, and size for each member of the band as well as some other strange stuff. Thanks Travis?

Anyways, that’s it for Murfreesboro! Let me know what you think of the video! I (Alex) made it this time around. Thanks for reading!


PS: Thanks again Justin and Henry for being so hospitable to us dudes and showing us a good time.

5/23/10 Birmingham, AL

Finally northern-bound…

First off, disclaimer, the soundtrack was originally Morrissey, but youtube took it down. Anyway.

So we’re actually leaving for a while this time.
High noon we rolled into the bouncemobile and began to gather up the team to leave town. However, before we knew it the keys were locked in the car outside Walgreen’s in the 100 degree heat, and we were delayed a half hour and down an extra 40 bucks.
Still, right after, we hit the road with smiles and high spirits. The ride was long, but the town was worth it.
After meeting our good friend Josh and pals there, we scoped out the venue. Sipsey Tavern is a really cool place with some really nice guys.
First thing we met there was a Celtic jam session filling all the rooms. Awesome. They were also grilling hot dogs right outside the door to hand out.
The other band on the bill, CircuitTree, also extremely nice guys, played a short but energetic set to set the place in the right direction.
The best way I think I could describe our set was friendly and genuine. We rocked hard but not too hard, and almost everyone there seemed to give a good amount of attention. Anyone who didn’t want to be right in front had a cool room off to the side with pool tables n such.
I’m just sayin’, when Tyler throws out his monologue at the end of “Resdiscovery” and its totally silent until he says “thanks” and then there’s a good amount of cheers, it just feels like people are listening and that’s pretty cool.
I don’t have that in this vid, but you can see what I mean at this moment back in Nashville.

see ya


5/22/10 New Orleans, LA kickoff

Home field advantage for a night!

Not too much to say here. We all enjoyed our last day in the hometown and had a great show at night, with some of our best friends in Giant Cloud and Yojimbo.
Really, check out Giant Cloud.
I love how this place looks.
Great, fun, comfy, lovey night!

Now we’re really off to the north.

sendin’ all my luvin


5/21/10 Baton Rouge, LA

Meet the newest member of Sun Hotel, Eleanor Tourcat.

Short drive, we spent most of the day at home in N.O., burning cds, packing, joking around n things.
With all the short trips and days off we came back home for, we’d been down this highway I think 6 times in the last week.
We got to BR around 8 o’ clock, right before the first band out of 4 was about to start. We strolled over to Albertson’s and enjoyed a lovely dinner of 2pound-bucket-of-chicken, bread, mondo’s, and watermelon.
At our trailer spot and dinner area, a certain super-friendly and cute cat wouldn’t leave us alone. Immediately we were good pals. More on this later.

The show was homey, comfortable, and awesome. Despite some warm temperature, the renovated HTGT room was good to us and we were good to it. Baton Rouge is a friendly place.
Even the cats are super friendly. As we loaded out, hours after meeting the kitten, we were greeted once again with a storm of purrs and meows around our trailer. We began to realize it was a destined long term relationship.
We decided on the name Eleanor (Eleanor Tourcat) and after discussing the cat’s status with the venue, took her along with the team.
We <3 her. She <3's us. For those wondering, she is now staying at my parents' place in N.O. and will be chilling there until we return from tour later in June. ^^ Jacked to play in New Orleans tonight! Devin

5/19/10 Lafayette 2nd Stop

Lafayette rules.

After taking the much needed few days off to recover from the safari party, we headed back up to our favorite city to play at one of our favorite places, Artmosphere.
First thing we did was recover our repaired trailer and get all our gear back that we left up here. Since we had to do that early, we had a lot of free time in the day. Spent a lot of time on porches, in the park, and on the couches of Artmosphere.
When show time started rolling around, it was clear that this was going to be a good night.
The room was packed, the pizza was delish, we played a little slop but the energy was all there.
One of the most fun shows we’ve ever played, IMO.
Thanks to Move Lafitte, our boys, for coming up and playing.
And especial thanks to Seven Horse Tango, who closed out the night like champs and really brought a lot of effing people out.

I apologize for the lack of bounce music and moves in this vid.
Despite the blandness, trust me, it was a really good night.