Anniversary Tour Day 6 – Tuscaloosa, AL

End of the short road.

We were well on our way to being 3 hours-or-so early for this show, when someone spotted Pizza Kastle, and the daunting sign of “”$3.99 mini-golf + 10 free tokens”. We were trapped. The day wiped by and before we knew it we were rolling into Tuscaloosa an hour past load-in.

Luckily, the place and staff were super dooper chill, and actually didn’t mind at all. We even ended up stalling our start time because the crowd was coming in so late.

The set up was strange, being feet away from the bathroom and having toilet-bound friends brush by throughout the set. Nevertheless, it was a good time, especially late when the party crew showed up (see video).

The invite for a wild night in Tuscaloosa was out there, but, alas, our bodies were collectively too weary, too homesick, too partied out from the last week.

We hit the road at 3am, got to our homes at about 7 or 8am.



Anniversary Tour Day 5 – Tallahassee, FL

Spencer’s 21.

About 15 minutes of rushing showers and throwing on clothes getting out the door in Jackson to the road asap. We had a long drive to Tally and wanted to be there for the very start of the party (and supper).
Routing day drive.
A little background, Spencer Darr is Tyler’s bff from hometown Celebration, FL. They’ve seen it all together, and are deeply in love. It was the day of Spencer’s 21st birthday, and there was relaly no option but to drive out and help throw down the most ragin’ house party you can fit into a Sunday.
We loaded in gear to the backyard as soon as got there, nommed on some excellent, excellent Darr-quesadillas, and quiet honestly starting drinking as early as we could as well.
The first band, Black Cloud, started the tunes off right at around 10. Super rad, under the coppers came and disallowed any more. But we weren’t going down that easy. We moved all the sofas out of inside and set up our noise making material right in the living room. Close quarters combat, but we played a set not to be forgotten.
The rest of the night could be, and was forgotten, and is now only legend.

Happy birthday Spence.



ps I’m sorry to be a day behind on the updates now, we were without internet forever. : [

Anniversary Tour Day 4 – Jackson, MS

Guys, this place is awesome.

“Woke up and walked to the car, surrounded by zebras.”
Shook off the awesomeness of last night and headed out for Jackson by early afternoon.
I think we’re beginning to figure out Jackson. Upon first glance, it looks pretty quiet. Ok, we really haven’t even seen too many people at all outside of this venue the times we’ve been there. But, once night falls and music starts, this place knows how to get down, and it goes down pretty big.
We were there early, and spent the day setting up verrrrry slowly, playing Buck Hunter games (Chris = erotic puzzles), watching Gladiator, and enjoying the most awesome meal of any tour, Ole Tavern’s complementary meals (burgers and fried sandwiches.).
Freaking delicious.
We were playing before a band of hometown heroes, who just so happened to be playing their final show as a band, so the place was ready to go big. The crowd was all there and ready by the time we started, our new best friend Lenny the sound guy made us sound absolutely magical, and the show was pretty much totally awesome.
This place even provides a whole house right next door for bands to stay in.
Like, a whole small house to yourselves.

We slept with awesome feelings, and set our alarms early to set ship for Tallahassee.
It’s time for Darrfest X.



Anniversary Tour Day 3 – Baton Rouge and Folsom, LA


We spent most of the day staying real comfy in Lafayette. Hanging with our bff Camille, chilling by the pool, watching Woody Allen movies, etc.
We left at around 7, met our best bud/friend/savior Johnathan Tillman in BR about an hour later, and were greeted by a very nice crowd at the Red Star Bar. This place reminds me of a fancy Circle Bar. We really like that. We played first, it ruled, then packed up and set sail for the greatest place in the universe, the safari party in Folsom.
What can I say about it? You’ve heard the stories.
My camera floated around the crowds and unfortunately returned minimal footage, however, trust me, the night was absolutely awesome, climaxing (for me, at least) with Chris and I playing 3 songs as “Kittywhompus” (Caddyhompus) on the back patio.

We are spending today nurturing party-scars in Jackson, playing tonight at one of our favorite places to hang out, Ole Tavern.
Flashback: Video for our tour stop at Ole Tavern back in March.

miss u


Anniversary Tour Day 2 – Lafayette, LA


Awoke in the morning (noon) surrounded by kittens, wiping a few precious hours of sleep from eyes, and had to quickly give thanks and farewell to our best buds in Hammond. We stopped for groceries, gas, kicks, before hitting the highway.
I took the wheel today, only about a 2 hour drive. It went by quick, we hit Lafayette by 5 and I felt young again.
There are few things more relaxing than napping in the grass and shade with a Corona listening to friends strum and hum some acoustic good feeling things some distance away.
Anyway, after that we headed to the venue. Way bigger than we were expecting. We loaded in and sound checked between 7 and 8 and then spent a couple hours just exploring the whole place and getting to know some nice people.
An awesome crowd turned out, and although I/we felt a little weird about playing on far away stage as such, the show ruled and we had a way good time.
Spent some time getting down with our besties Matt, Camille, Erika, and Kim, passed out on Camille’s floor in the wee hours of the morn’.

Currently hanging out at Artmosphere in Lafayette still. You have no idea how excited I am for today/tonight.

No idea o.o

: ]


Anniversary Tour Day 1 – Hammond, LA

It’s been a beautiful first year baby.

So here we go winding down the end of a crazy/awesome/eventful Summer X, celebrating our first birthday as a band, starting a small tour that is bound to be more party than we might be ready for. Our first stop is in John’s old stomping grounds, his hometown, Hammond.

This choice is especially nostalgic, for when the very beginning seed of Sun Hotel was planted, and Tyler and Alex played their first acoustic set together, it was also in Hammond, about a year and a half ago.

We actually arrived here late afternoon Tuesday in order to do a radio interview on with KSLU (thanks Ryan $$) and just to hang with some of our best Hammond buddies. The hospitality/amount of extreme Super Smash Bro’s we’ve encountered at Josh/Michelle/Shelby/TJ’s residence these 2 days is astounding, thanks to all you guys again.

During the day (Wed.), we took some flyers and spread the word to the kids at SouthEastern U. and snagged some much need Chik-Fil-A. After that it was pretty much a Smash fest and chill sesh with friends until it came time to roll to the venue.

Cate St. Pub is pretty awesome. The Staff were super friendly (I got a sting-ray silly bracelet from a bartender), the sound was good, the crowd endearing, and you could smell the legacy of hometown hero John buzzing about all night.
We enjoyed 2 bands, Better By Design and Eyes All Around, then gave it 110% on stage for the first of 7 nights to come. The show felt rad, and the atmosphere was warm.

Overall, a nice  landing-in day to this short crazy tour.

We’re about to leave for Lafayette to play at Grant St. Dancehall tonight, and if you know me you know that means I’m happy.

oh, p.s., notice Tyler’s new trade skill of friendship bracelets, they are all crafted skillfully and with all his love, and are only 1$ each! I also hear that he is taking requests for anything you would like woven into bracelets.

luv always,


(summer) Awesome. / (shows) We’re back! / ($$$) Tour and Album!

1. Summer X has been so good.

2. We’re all finally back in town!

Our first show back together on home turf is this Friday at the Circle Bar w/ Filligar and Alexis Marceaux.

Check out the Facebook event here.

3. We have some seriously exciting stuff going on soon. We just shipped away our full length album to be pressed on vinyl and CDs. It will be coming back to us in September, right in time for our Album Release show on Sept. 24th.

Also, we’re hitting the road again for a short tour $$$$. This tour will undoubtedly be the best week ever. Check out the dates/stops/parties.

Aug 18th – Hammond, LA @ Cate St. Pub. (facebook event)

Aug 19th – Lafayette, LA @ Grant St. Dance Hall (facebook event)

Aug 20th – Baton Rouge, LA @ Red Star  AND  Folsom, LA @ $afari Partyyy

Aug 21st – Jackson, MS @ Ole Tavern

Aug 22nd – Tallahassee, FL @ DARR FEST X (Spencer Darr’s b-day bonanza)

Aug 23rd – Tuscaloosa, AL @ Egan’s Bar (extreme dart tournament)

Aug 24th – New Orleans, LA @ Oz on Bourbon St. <3<3 (facebook event)

Also, I will be posting videos/blogs again for each of the tour dates, get jacked.

This is gonna be awesome.