1,000 Facebook Fans! Demo of “Alchemy”

Click to download Alchemy

Click to download

Thank you so much for the support!

This is the raw first draft of our song “Alchemy” that Tyler recorded in his room. It’s quite different from the finished product that we now perform.

We plan to release demo versions of songs like this at every 100 Facebook fans we reach! Once we get to 1,100, we will put up another.

Tell your friends and invite them, we want to reward you for helping us!

Some of the next ones could include – “Honey”, “Swamp Thing”, “Rediscovery”, “Seasonality”, “Book God”, even some reallll oldies like “Bearial Ground” or even some songs that we never finished!

Feel free to let us know which ones you’d want to hear the most!

Thanks again so much, all of you.


Devin and Sun Hotel

Day 11 – Tallahassee, FL

House parties! ( 2 )

Third time in Tallanasty, third house party show with Spencer.
This house was PACKED. Everything unfolded as it should, pure debauchery.
Until the po-digs rolled in and laid down the law. After multiple warnings, orders were to stop the music totally.
Spencer Darr to the rescue – epic announcement that the party is being completely transported to another house a few blocks away.
Thus, second house party! Also packed and raging as ever. Caddy set up and lit the room on fire. We set up and got 3 songs in before the police came again and busted it down.
Party in Tallanasty 4ever.

2 more nights!


Days 9 and 10 – Savannah, GA and Jacksonville, FL

Savannah was slow, Jacksonville ruled so hard.

Fell behind schedule with the videos for many reasons, so two days in one this time.

Savannah looks a lot like New Orleans. We had a brief while to walk around and hang with Chris’ awesome sister, Celia, then hit the venue.
The Wormhole. Pretty cool place, and new, apparently. We spent the pre-show hours making burritos, enjoying 1$ tall boy PBRs, and watching American Psycho and Labyrinth.
The crowd was thin, but we did meet a couple new good friends that we lead to our show by our good blogger buddy, Thomas Dorton.

Jacksonville was AWESOME. Our best best friend Kayla Green welcomed us in and showed us the best sandwiches (Angie’s) we have ever laid stomachs upon.
The venue that night, Jack Rabbit’s, was dark, spacious, a little over-priced, and had awesome sound.
The crowd was party hungry and heart-warming.We will definitely be coming back to Jacksonville.
Afterwards, we lost all good intentions and got sloppy playing beer pong and jamming to really bad music.

And now we’re Tallahassee getting ready to play at the raddest house party place there is, Spencer’s House.
(Only 3 more nights)