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New Orleans-based Sun Hotel have spent the better part of the last two years blazing their own narrative of what it means to be a bona fide rock and roll band – in an era over-congested with charlatanistic pseudo-artists dead set on making indie gold – by applying a punk ethic to the familiar sounds of post-gospel. The four-piece – led by the hauntingly brusque vocals of songwriter Tyler Scurlock – has prided itself on telling a colorfully authentic story of coming-of-age Americana from the unified point of view of a group of young men with a perceptiveness far beyond their years without losing grasp of the fiery, manic creativity that informs every part of their youth.

After self-releasing several digital EP’s in late 2009 and early 2010, they, along with best friends and sibling band Caddywhompus, decided to found Chinquapin Records as an avenue to officially manifest their shared appreciation for the infinite creative, artistic and personal rewards to be reaped from operating a purely DIY organization. In the short time since, Chinquapin has become a flourishing center of activity for a modest but growing community of people with the singular goal of creating quality music.

Their latest offering, Gifts, may prove to be the most earnest quintessence of the uncompromisingly guarded yet wholly collaborative nature of Sun Hotel’s songwriting. Suffusing every guitar string, bass rattle and whisper with wave after wave of echo-imbued reverb, in-house living room recording prodigy Ross Farbe manages to balance the pop leanings of the album’s infectious hooks with deafening walls of white noise while the concussive rhythms of their multi-percussion setup create a chaotic rumble throughout. Elsewhere, the bass and lead guitar tandem of John St. Cyr and Alex Hertz, respectively, overlay each track’s epic structure with a thick, warm tone equal parts nostalgia and melancholy as Scurlock wistfully sings of a subject matter that charmingly belies the raucous, visceral thrill of a live Sun Hotel experience.

Short version: We live in the south, we like it, we make music.

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Tyler Scurlock Guitar / Vocals

Alex Hertz Guitar / Vocals

John St. Cyr Bass / Vocals

Ross Farbe: Drums / Vocals

20 thoughts on “About

  1. ALEX HERTZ!!! That is too crazy. I never knew you were in a band, but then again i really didnt talk to you, evening in jazz band. You guys sound great!!

  2. Hey Willie! I’m glad you like what you hear! We’re playing on May 28th in Oxfor. You should go! More info is in our shows section.

  3. You guys are it! I love “Life on a boat” and “swamp thing” Keep it up, I randomly read about you in Buzz and I’m now spreadin the word.

  4. Just saw you guys at the spanish moon. Great show, great band, that is all goodnight.


  5. Dang, I couldn’t find yall’s records at Amoeba here in Hollywood. I will check back. Found you cats via grooveshark, and I needs me some lyrics.

  6. Sorry dude! Let us know if you want us to ship you one, we’d be happy to. Thanks so much for your support

  7. Alex, i went to Avon Grove Charter School with you, and i joined the jazz band the year after you graduated…. big supporter.

  8. I found y’all when I heard you were playing in New Orleans recently, but sadly I couldn’t make it to the show. The more I listen the more I deeply regret it. Come on home boys, I’m begging you.
    PLZ. THX.

  9. Bumper sticker could simply say sun hotel with the background of the Coast album. Bumper stickers are my favorite way to promote bands I enjoy and I really enjoy you guys. Haven’t listened to a band so consistently in years. In the gym, while driving, when I’m working and in create mode….you guys are lovely. I certainly hope you’ll make a trip to NC.

  10. I moved to Louisiana over the summer, started looking for quality bands from the area and WALLA! I am presented with Sun Hotel. Thanks for the fantastic sounds.

  11. Love you guys. Found you on pandora a few months ago and haven’t stopped listening since. Are you all still making music? Also, any tour dates coming up?

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