Weezer Throwback

Dear friends,

We’re really excited about our Throwback show coming up this Friday at the Republic NOLA. Throwback is a weekly dance party with bands playing some of their favorite covers from the 80’s and 90’s.

We decided to make this Throwback a really special one though.

We’re going to be playing one of our favorite records, Weezer’s Blue Album in its entirety.

The show’s going to start at 10, and is $5.


Hope to see you there!



PS: Check out this video of our last show at Republic. Filmed & Edited by Matt.


New Track “Talks” Available

We’re very excited to show you yet another track from our upcoming EP Gifts called “Talks.” If you haven’t pre-ordered the new EP yet, you should! It will be available on Vinyl, CD & Digital format(Click here to do that). Watch this video we made about it.

Download “Talks”

Let us know what you think & please share!

New Shows Announced & “Honey” Online at Our Youtube Channel

Hey y’all. We’re excited to announce some new tour dates for this August that are all sure to be incredible with friends TonsTons, Twin Killers, Zorch, Caddywhompus & many more.

We’ll be kicking this long weekend off in Houston & we’d love to see any and all your pretty faces. It’s been a hot minute since we last played Houston after hitting up Free Press Summer fest and we had the time of our lives so we can wait to be back.

Aug 11 Houston, TX Warehouse Live RSVP
Aug 12 Lafayette, LA Frankie Burger RSVP
Aug 13 Baton Rouge, LA Spanish Moon RSVP
Aug 14 New Orleans, LA One Eyed Jacks RSVP

**All shows are with Caddywhompus, Twin Killers, & Zorch except for Houston. That’s with Tontons and is going to be the jam.

Bust out your finest jean shorts and trim your mustaches cause shits gonna be hip. There is so much band love going on these few days it makes me want to cry.

Also! If you haven’t yet, check out our live acoustic set with our friends over at Liveset.com, give it a look!

Two New Free Songs – “Arrange/Got Along” Live & “Tell Me Why” (Cover)

First off, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!! As part of our ongoing campaign to keep gaining Facebook fans as we release a new demo, song, cover, etc, etc for every 100 fans gained, we are excited to announce that we have two more tracks for you guys that we’re sure you’ll love. Since we have now reached the 1,200 & 1,300 mark, we have two songs for you today!

1. Arrange/Got Along

[Right click save as to download]

This past June 2011, we had the pleasure of being able to play a benefit show @ local DIY mecca, Breezys in a very rare 3-piece form that was a hella good time. The track opens with the ever so smooth & sweltering Sharks Teeth track “Arrange” & then moves into “Got Along,” a track off of our upcoming EP “Gifts.”

2. Tell Me Why

[Right click save as to download]

This one is quite the gem. Just a good old lazy day homage to the great Neil Young and his track “Tell Me Why” recorded by Tyler in his bedroom after we ran out things to watch on Netflix. Hope you like it!

So, Thanks again!

Be sure to keep on keeping on with suggesting us to your friends! We can’t thank you guys enough for the support you have given us already. Also, if you haven’t already, sign up for our email list on the right side of the page – we’ll be announcing some more exciting news very soon!

Day 7 – Knoxville, TN

Knoxville, TN

We woke up this morning at House Pride, one of our favorite places in Tennessee. One of our good friends there, Nick, made sure we awoke to an awesome breakfast and we couldn’t have been more thankful for that. Other than that, I just played with Step the cat a lot more in the morning until we all got packed up and left. The drive to Knoxville wasn’t all too long. We got there early and ended up just hanging out in front of the venue as usual, cooking up some rice and bean ‘to-ritos.

The show that night was a lot more calm and smaller than the house party the night before, but we still had a good time. The other two acts were solo-acoustic, so we definitely stood out. The crowd was genuine and fun, and we ended up making a good friend, Brandon, who he hung out with and got to stay with that night.

Overall, we collectively, mostly, agreed that this day had gone by in a huge blur, faster than the others. We were on the road, in the venue, then in our beds and ready to head to North Carolina before we could remember to check out Knoxville.

Day 6 – Murfreesboro, TN

Step (Nick's kitten) Biscuits Child

Thanks to a combination of our good friend Sarah, her good friend Scotch, and a very effective bon fire (nice going ross), I woke up whatever day of the week it was refreshed, but in still no way ready for what was about to occur. We had a terrific breakfast courtesy of the Wagner family and made a new 3-year old friend Austin, who found it very easy to bond with us over not having any money to his name either.

We said goodbye to Austin and headed to our second home once removed, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We arrived at a house venue by the name of Houselhoff, which is run by some of Murfreesboro’s finest citizens, and after a fair amount of hanging with our new friends the house quickly became a beautiful mixture of the parties documented in such classics as almost famous and dazed and confused.

Our friends from House Pride Records came out that night and their faithful leader, Nick, opened up the show under her stage name “Mr. Nasty.”

We went home to House Pride later that night and got our minds sufficiently blown by Neil Young’s “Trans”, Bruce Haack, and Raymond Scott’s music for baby. I forgot to mention that we went dumpster diving for the first time with our resourceful friends. We made out like bandits and the next morning had a the most TO’ breakfast in the world.

Day 4 – Memphis, TN

Day four started off in a beautiful hilltop home in Birmingham. After a few hours spent sleeping in and listening the sensual styles of “Disco Bill” with our BFF’s Josh and Simon, we headed out on the long road to Memphis, TN.

Four hours later, we finally found our way to the Lamplighter Lounge. This was probably the coziest place I’ve ever been to, like the living room your grandmother never had. The small, dimly lit room was filled with a pool table, knick-knacks of all kinds, and an almost intimidating assortment of Pabst merchandise. The owner even acted like everyone’s grandmother, and kept trying to give us fudgesicles with our beer.

By the time we had to play, the tiny little room was packed to the brim with Memphis’ finest. We were joined that night by our good friends in Di Di Mao bringing the garage party, and the night ended with some great 90’s alt-rock sing-alongs as the bar was closing (missu chris rehm). Memphis rules.


Day 3 – Birmingham, AL

We woke up in a swanky hotel in Mobile and had to remind ourselves that we were in fact still on da to’, and that our luxury landing pad was just 1 stop amongst many smellier, louder ones.  The next logical step was to try and devour / store as much free food as we could.  We then said goodbye to our traveling NOLA friends and headed for Birmingham.

The Sun Hotel to’ boat arrived at The Nick about 4 hours before load-in… plenty enough time to score some free BBQ from the venue’s happy hour and shoot a few bottle rockets under the interstate.  We played our hot-fire-rock-n-roll set and then chilled to the pleasant gypsy folk tunes of The Blue Ribbon Hearts.  We spent the evening hanging out with our loyola bros Josh and Simon and crashed in Josh’s beautiful Alabama home.

Oh yeah, and none of us are quite sure what’s going on… but the Endless Summer tour has been.. a bit chilly? maybe a little overcast? confusing.  Nonetheless, our summer spirits remain and the to’ continues to treat us wonderfully.