TAPES Release + SXSWeird

Dear Friends,

We made it.

We’re really proud to release our alternate universe tape version of Coast called “TAPES”. It’s available through Chinquapin Records as a limited edition of 30 cassettes and only 150 downloads, so grab it fast. Check out the release page right here.

We’re also a little bit scared to be taking our first trip down to SXSW! We have a really intense week ahead of us, here’s what it looks like.

FRIDAY 3/11 – New Orleans, LA – FOBURG FEST! @ The Maison [RSVP]
SATURDAY 3/12 – Denton, TX – 35 Conferette Pre-party @ Regular House [RSVP]
SUNDAY 3/13 – Denton, TX – 35 Conferette @ Dan’s Silverleaf w/ The Civil Wars [tixx]
TUESDAY 3/15 – Houston, TX – Fitzgerald’s w/ Yip Deceiver [RSVP]
WEDNESDAY 3/16 – Austin, TX – SXSW
-1 PM @ Shakespeare’s
-4 PM @ Skanky Possum House w/ Caddywhompus
THURSDAY 3/17 – Austin, TX – SXSW
-5 PM @ Skanky Possum House w/ Candy Claws, Netherfriends, Caddywhompus
FRIDAY 3/18 – Austin, TX – SXSW
-1 PM @ Hotel Vegas w/ Caddywhompus, MyNameIsJohnMichael [RSVP]
-4 PM @ Fado’s Irish Pub w/ Zorch, The Eastern Sea, The Yes Way [RSVP]
-7 PM @ 1809 Woodland Ave #A w/ Futurebirds, Turbo Fruits
SATURDAY 3/19 – Austin, TX – SXSW
-11AM@ Double Down Lounge w/ Cory Brim, Caddywhompus
-5 PM @ 21st Street Co-op w/ Caddywhompus, A Place to Bury Strangers
SUNDAY 3/20 – Austin, TX – cry



MarleyFest Fundraiser This Saturday!

Stop The Hate!

Dearest friends, this Saturday is a very important Saturday:

– Caddywhompus
– Sun Hotel
– $$$ New Grass Country Club $$$
– Native America
– Habitat
– more!

All these bands will be partying/performing at:

Mudlark Theatre (1200 Port Street) ((right by Krewe Du Veaux))

Saturday 2/19/11, starting at 4:20 PM, for a cause greater than Mardi Gras itself…

Two weeks ago, our close friends in New Grass Country Club had practically all of their musical equipment stolen. In a massive fund raising effort to help them replace gear and get to making music again, all proceeds from this show will go to them.

Admission price will be $5, and cups for the KEGS (3) will be given for any additional donation.

The party starts early and in conveniently located right by the route of Krewe Du Veaux – this will be the perfect pre-party to kickoff Mardi Gras and really means so much to us local musicians trying to help out our friends down thousands of dollars.

We’re calling it Marleyfest in honor of the beautiful corner of uptown home to many of these musicians.

You can find more info at the official Facebook event here.

Please come out and support! (and party HARD!)


Devin and Sun Hotel and New Orleans musicians

Valentine’s Party Show this Friday! + Baton Rouge Saturday!

Hey y’all, if you’re in the hoods of either New Orleans or Baton Rouge, we got some real good stuff to look forward to with you this weekend.

Friday 2/11/11

Valentine’s Day Party

at The Den – 901 S. Peters – New Orleans, LA

with Royal Teeth, M@ People’s Collective, and Habitat.

Starts at around 10:00 pm, $5, 18+.

Incentives include:

– Kissing Booth at the merch table
– Candy
– Lots of hearts and cuddly things
– Possible date auctions of band members

Facebook event here

Saturday 2/12/11

Valentine’s Day Party Part 2?

at The Spanish Moon – 1109 Highland Rd – Baton Rouge, LA

with The Bone Machine and Monster’s Will

starts at around 9 or 10 pm, $7, 18+.

Facebook event here.

Love is in the air!

Let us treat you right this weekend, baby.

<3 xoxo

Day 11 – Tallahassee, FL

House parties! ( 2 )

Third time in Tallanasty, third house party show with Spencer.
This house was PACKED. Everything unfolded as it should, pure debauchery.
Until the po-digs rolled in and laid down the law. After multiple warnings, orders were to stop the music totally.
Spencer Darr to the rescue – epic announcement that the party is being completely transported to another house a few blocks away.
Thus, second house party! Also packed and raging as ever. Caddy set up and lit the room on fire. We set up and got 3 songs in before the police came again and busted it down.
Party in Tallanasty 4ever.

2 more nights!


Days 9 and 10 – Savannah, GA and Jacksonville, FL

Savannah was slow, Jacksonville ruled so hard.

Fell behind schedule with the videos for many reasons, so two days in one this time.

Savannah looks a lot like New Orleans. We had a brief while to walk around and hang with Chris’ awesome sister, Celia, then hit the venue.
The Wormhole. Pretty cool place, and new, apparently. We spent the pre-show hours making burritos, enjoying 1$ tall boy PBRs, and watching American Psycho and Labyrinth.
The crowd was thin, but we did meet a couple new good friends that we lead to our show by our good blogger buddy, Thomas Dorton.

Jacksonville was AWESOME. Our best best friend Kayla Green welcomed us in and showed us the best sandwiches (Angie’s) we have ever laid stomachs upon.
The venue that night, Jack Rabbit’s, was dark, spacious, a little over-priced, and had awesome sound.
The crowd was party hungry and heart-warming.We will definitely be coming back to Jacksonville.
Afterwards, we lost all good intentions and got sloppy playing beer pong and jamming to really bad music.

And now we’re Tallahassee getting ready to play at the raddest house party place there is, Spencer’s House.
(Only 3 more nights)