5/21/10 Baton Rouge, LA

Meet the newest member of Sun Hotel, Eleanor Tourcat.

Short drive, we spent most of the day at home in N.O., burning cds, packing, joking around n things.
With all the short trips and days off we came back home for, we’d been down this highway I think 6 times in the last week.
We got to BR around 8 o’ clock, right before the first band out of 4 was about to start. We strolled over to Albertson’s and enjoyed a lovely dinner of 2pound-bucket-of-chicken, bread, mondo’s, and watermelon.
At our trailer spot and dinner area, a certain super-friendly and cute cat wouldn’t leave us alone. Immediately we were good pals. More on this later.

The show was homey, comfortable, and awesome. Despite some warm temperature, the renovated HTGT room was good to us and we were good to it. Baton Rouge is a friendly place.
Even the cats are super friendly. As we loaded out, hours after meeting the kitten, we were greeted once again with a storm of purrs and meows around our trailer. We began to realize it was a destined long term relationship.
We decided on the name Eleanor (Eleanor Tourcat) and after discussing the cat’s status with the venue, took her along with the team.
We <3 her. She <3's us. For those wondering, she is now staying at my parents' place in N.O. and will be chilling there until we return from tour later in June. ^^ Jacked to play in New Orleans tonight! Devin

5/19/10 Lafayette 2nd Stop

Lafayette rules.

After taking the much needed few days off to recover from the safari party, we headed back up to our favorite city to play at one of our favorite places, Artmosphere.
First thing we did was recover our repaired trailer and get all our gear back that we left up here. Since we had to do that early, we had a lot of free time in the day. Spent a lot of time on porches, in the park, and on the couches of Artmosphere.
When show time started rolling around, it was clear that this was going to be a good night.
The room was packed, the pizza was delish, we played a little slop but the energy was all there.
One of the most fun shows we’ve ever played, IMO.
Thanks to Move Lafitte, our boys, for coming up and playing.
And especial thanks to Seven Horse Tango, who closed out the night like champs and really brought a lot of effing people out.

I apologize for the lack of bounce music and moves in this vid.
Despite the blandness, trust me, it was a really good night.



5/15/10 Lafayette 1st Stop

Craziest tour day yet. I’ll keep it brief and to the points.

7am – woke up.

10:30am – played the show.

noon – trailer exploded, we freaked out a bit.

8pm – arrived at the safari party.

midnight to morning – ?????



p.s. I’m sorry the vids have been late. Technical difficulties. : x

forgive me

5/14/10 Houston, TX

Blog number 1 of tour 2, stoked, let’s do this.

Our first stop in this non-as-organized tour number 2 was a little out of town in our best homeboys’ grounds, H-town.

The place ruled, the vibes were friendly, the weather was hot and wet.

We came out of the corner swinging. (see the 1:45 mark in the video, please, don’t miss it.)

Prior to us was a dope hip-hop duo, Guerilla Foco Clan (I’m pretty sure). Right after us, our besties Caddywhompus tore the house down, and lastly sIngs closed out the night with authority.

I proceeded to pass out in the middle of the crowd on a giant couch during the last set, dreamt of being in Baton Rouge at HTGT again oddly enough, then was awoken with the duty of driving through the A.M. hours and torrential downpour to Lafayette for our place to stay that night. Luckily, Cooper saved me about an hour and a half of the way there and took over. Then, Wafflehouse. We got in to our dearest girl Terra’s <3 home in Lafayette at about 4am.

The next day



Next video will be up tomorrow! ironically enough, we’re also leaving to play again in Lafayette tomorrow, at Artmosphere.



It’s Time, Again

Oh yes.
Here we go again friends, tour numero dos, the “Behind Enemy Lines Tour” (yankee joke), is underway.

  • May 18th – New Orleans, LA – Neutral Ground Coffee House
  • May 19th – Lafayette, LA – Artmosphere
  • May 21st – Baton Rouge, LA – Here Today Gone Tomorrow Thrift Store
  • May 22nd – New Orleans, LA – The Maison $$$$$$$$
  • May 23rd – Birmingham, AL – Sipsey Tavern
  • May 24th – Mufreesboro, TN – The Boro
  • May 25th – Winston-Salem, NC – The Garage
  • May 26th – Mill Spring, NC – The Ultimate Garage
  • May 27th – Charlottesville, VA – Tea Branch Bazaar
  • May 28th – Oxford, PA
  • May 29th – maybe somewhere in CT
  • May 30th – B.O.M.B Fest in Durham, CT $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  • June 2nd – Raleigh, NC – Slim’s Downtown
  • June 4th – New Orleans, LA – Rock n’ Bowl $?

We just got back from the mini start, hitting Houston and Lafayette, and are completely exhausted.
There will be a lot more on that later, trust me, probably too much.

I filmed a bunch and planned and having videos for those 2 days done already, but my version of Final Cut crapped out on me recently. They will be made and up sometime in the next couple days. Be excited, and afraid.
Because we partied here.

Anyway, just know that we’re jacked about tour again, will have videos and blogs for every day again, and the album is sounded effing dope.

By the way, if you wanna see a lil bit of the recording of Seasonality and me looking pretty silly, check this out.

Our friend Tracy stopped by one day to look around and film things.



It’s Time.

Saddle up, it’s time to take this show on the road. Sun Hotel is celebrating Spring Break and Holy Week by breaking open-container laws across six states!
Here’s what the schedule looks like:

3/25-TOUR KICKOFF at Cafe Prytania w/ Vox and the Hound and Coyotes – New Orleans, LA
3/26-HGGT Thrift Store – Baton Rouge, LA
3/27-Ole Tavern – Jackson, MS
3/28-Little Hamilton Collective – Nashville, TN
3/29-Loudhouse Coffee – Greenbrier, TN
3/30-WonderRoot – Hotlanta, GA
3/31-Rye Bar – Athens, GA
4/01-Someone’s House – Tallahassee, FL
4/02-Shanty Town – Jacksonville, FL (Good Luck)
4/04-The Haven – Winter Park, FL (WITH OCEANA! Jesus Christ)
4/05-Serda’s – Mobile, AL

Here’s a picture for you, if you don’t feel like connecting the dots:

Lock up your wives and daughters?


Recognize this?

well if ya haven’t then you should take a good look at this picture i put up on the internet to join it’s 5 million others surfing round the web. Sun Hotel is gonna be throwing down on Saturday night at the downstairs la maison with Booty Trove Brass Band, Reno Bo, & Mynameisjohnmichael /// then on Sunday night Ross and I are gonna be sittin on the ground with our keyboards /pedals /psychedelics while Chris Rehm gets to really know the crowd with his brand new single “Clothing Optional”… so you gonn wanna see that.

you can get all the info you need here!


Well what else is new… Alex got a hair cut today at super cuts and fixed up his old guitar, and oh mannn i’m in class and my professor just told a story about how when she was 13 Bruce Springsteen came to her in a dream and told her to study for her biology class… thanks again Boss. Which reminds me! Devin has an effin’ solo album so that’s pretty rad, you can get that for freeeee $$$ here /// http://dthsounds.bandcamp.com/

anyhowwww, thanks everyone who came to geronimo! that was outta sightttt, and afterwards we drove back to new orleans and got on TELEVISION, i have to say we’re letting AAALLL the fame go to our heads for sure…. Devin’s developed some narcotics problems i can’t even legally talk about, john hasn’t eaten in days, and Alex hit a girl! not ¬†your typical hangs-out-at-the-circle-bar-on-week-nights-could-be-from-new-orleans east kinda girl, i mean she was a real nice girl. awww hells yeah, class is getting out early! peaceeee

-Tyler <$3