Day 2 – Mobile, AL

We awoke at noon in the house of our new best friend Judson. Wiping sleep and dried tears from our eyes, we quickly packed up, said our thank you’s and good byes, and hit the road for Mobile.
Only a 2-hour venture – nothing big. After snagging a half-off meal and unloading into the upstairs comfy-attic feeling room of The Blind Mule, we… basically just hung out really hard until the show started.
We all agreed the show felt really good. The crowd was sparse but endearing, and we had recently purchased new strings/sticks/heads/stands as well and that may have played a mental role in our exquisite performance.
After our set we were met by some of our closest friends from New Orleans who were just coming from a…
wait for it…
Beach Boys performance at Orange Beach.
Apparently John Stamos was playing with them and stealing the show.
Anyway, we ended up leaving the car parked there at the venue and walking to a hotel room our friends had, bro-ing down, hooka-ing, and cracking up at the Halloween Episode of South Park with Korn in it.
Sounds like the ‘to to me.



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