Day 5 – Nashville, TN

On the day we headed out to Nashville, things started off awesome. Awoken by the scent of pancakes made by our spectacular friend Alec and the crew over at the Dairy House in Memphis, TN, we started the day off right with full stomachs.

We got on the road around 1PM and arrived in Nashville sometime around 4PM with time to explore a bit before we had to load in at six. Ended up grabbing some vegan chilly at Cafe Co Co (The most incredible 24 hour coffee shop & venue) and getting some work done on the ol computer.

After a few hours passed we were playing to a crowd of both old and new friends and overall the set went awesome, the sound guy was hilarious, and The Great Collide was awesome. We ended up catching some Zs at our friend Sarah Wagner’s house but only after a warm bonfire on a chilly night in May.


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