Day 8- Asheville, NC

After staying the night in Knoxville with our new friend Brandon, we headed out early in search of a Mac store to fix Devin’s crotchety old laptop.  We had a reliably-par lunch in the food court and loaded up into the vehicle.  It was my day to drive.  The mixture of swerving mountain roads and our big bad trailer kept me on edge, and the 3 hours to Asheville went by pretty quick.  The city was especially charming.  We played in a strange little restaurant/venue and made lots of inappropriate jokes about the rapture.  After the show, we decided to light some gas station fireworks in celebration.  They were supposed to be sparkler fountain things, but 2 out of 3 just exploded… relatively unsafe, yes. But a damn good time.  We arrived at our friend Jon’s house a little later to crash.  It just happened to be UP IN some mountains.  Asheville was a beautiful place.


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