Day 9 – Winston-Salem, NC

Picture this: 8:00 AM. I’m asleep on a half-deflated air mattress with T-bird Scurlock when we both get tackled into consciousness by the most excited pitbull puppy I’ve ever seen. I follow this new friend out onto the porch and remember that I’d been sleeping ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN in Asheville, NC.

We had a short drive ahead of us to Winston-Salem, so we took a few hours off to go swimming in a waterfall just outside of Valdese, NC. The falls were freezing cold and I fell down some slippery cliffs, but the whole thing was a pretty awesome experience, After we got our fill of rocks and cave jewels, we got back on the short road to Win-Salem.

We were headed to the Garage, a place we first played on our Behind Enemy Lines tour in 2010. We played with the Turbo Pro Project, a combination bluegrass/hip-hop band with a rapper, a DJ, a double bass and an electric banjo player. We had a really long slot to fill, so we ended up playing most of Team Spirit and Coast in order. Really fun, and really strange.

The crowd was sparse, but we made some really good friends of Beth, Bryan, and Bryan, who decided to stick around for the show and let us stay in their house (and gave us some pizza).


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