Day 1 – Jackson, MS

The evening before last ended with a mix of excitement, anxiety, and whiskey, as we prepared to set out on our Endless Summer Tour. We said goodbye to our families, loved ones, and school books, opting instead for a month of what is sure to be nothing short of beautiful American debauchery. We enjoyed the fine sounds of our friends Brian Wilson and Odd Future(swag) on the way to our first stop in Jackson, Ms, and spirits were as high as alex.

Once we arrived at the venue, we ate the finest free dinner this side of the mississippi and busted out the bottle rockets (for some reason something about shooting off bottle rockets in the parking lot of venues really makes you feel like an event is about to occur). Circumstances got stranger and stranger as the evening progressed until after being asked to “bump” in the bathroom after the show by some strangers/new friends, we respectfully declined and followed the guys from the other band sharing the bill (LOOSE ROOSTER! who rule…) to a house 2 hours away in the middle of the country in Hattiesburg, Ms. Arriving at 5 in the morning, we settled in to our temporary home and rested up before reality and our internal clocks set in.

Also, last night I threw up for the first time ever on tour!


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