1,000 Facebook Fans! Demo of “Alchemy”

Click to download Alchemy

Click to download

Thank you so much for the support!

This is the raw first draft of our song “Alchemy” that Tyler recorded in his room. It’s quite different from the finished product that we now perform.

We plan to release demo versions of songs like this at every 100 Facebook fans we reach! Once we get to 1,100, we will put up another.

Tell your friends and invite them, we want to reward you for helping us!

Some of the next ones could include – “Honey”, “Swamp Thing”, “Rediscovery”, “Seasonality”, “Book God”, even some reallll oldies like “Bearial Ground” or even some songs that we never finished!

Feel free to let us know which ones you’d want to hear the most!

Thanks again so much, all of you.


Devin and Sun Hotel

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