4/16/10 show at The Den

I realized I really like making videos.

For some reason a lot of the clips were acting very glitchy and this was a little rushed, but it’s still a pretty good overview of what went down last Friday.

  • – we chilled in the park, ate crawfish and drank Abita Strawberry. (Thanks to my bro and Allison <3)
  • – let Ryan and Cooper take over the night
  • – paritied hard and had a good time at The Den

As of now, we’re getting ready for our best best friend’s Caddywhompus’s Record Release party this Friday that we will be playing at. Trust me, alllll the cool kids are gonna be there and you WANT this record!

Anyway, hope you guys are enjoying the vids <3


2 thoughts on “4/16/10 show at The Den

  1. I love the video blog! I guess you will be crashin at mama Megs when you come to Yankee territory. Dont worry I was drug kickin and screamin over the mason dixon line 20 years ago. Ive got my southern charm!!!

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