5/24/10 Murfreesboro, TN

Awww yeah! A nice short drive this time around. Only about 3 hours.

After a short little shot up I65 north we ended up at The Boro Bar & Grill at around 5PM. All seemed good and it all ended up turning out to be a great night. After playing a bit of pool to pass the time, buying an 18 pack of PBR for one hell of a good deal(11$) and grabbing a quick bite to eat(out of our cooler of course) we jumped on stage at about 10PM and played a good long set of about 1.5 hours (only because of encouragement from the bar and a large amount of pitchers of Budweiser given to us).

All in all things turned out really well for a monday night in a bar not usually showcasing bands during the week. Made some new friends, gave away some music, and had an awesome time! Oh, and before I forget! Upon packing up our trailer we encountered quite an interesting fellow by the name of Travis who proceeded to invite us to come hang with him with promises of ladies of any race, age, and size for each member of the band as well as some other strange stuff. Thanks Travis?

Anyways, that’s it for Murfreesboro! Let me know what you think of the video! I (Alex) made it this time around. Thanks for reading!


PS: Thanks again Justin and Henry for being so hospitable to us dudes and showing us a good time.

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