Download Card to be given away at the door!

Hey y’all,

Wassup? Let’s get jacked for tonight huh? Definitely going to rule if you ask me. Just wanted to remind you all that we’re giving away a FREE CHRISTMAS EP that we recorded with New Grass Country Club with paid admission.

I can’t believe it is almost Christmas? Is this real? It’s got to be.

Seriously though, we really put a lot of sweat (mostly because of the absurd amount of sweaters) into this show and we’d love it if every single person available to make it out tonight come out and make this THE BEST CHRISTMAS PARTY EVER!!!

Now, with that being said, I’m sure some may not be able to oblige to such a humble request and for any of you not available to make it out tomorrow night , we have to get you the tracks some how!

But how?! Should we press some physicals and put them up in our store? (Makes great stocking stufferz) Or how about this: leave a comment on this post with your email and we will send them to you right away! That’s pretty cool right?

Regardless, it’s going to be great and we hope all of you are able to make it. Those of you that can’t make it. Leave a comment! Seriously! We’ll send it to you/mail it to you/smoke signal it to you for free! Or maybe not?! Who knows?! Nawww just kidding. It’s Christmas right?! That shit will be free. Unless you don’t want it to be ofcourse…

Anyways, I’m getting distracted…Check out the songs were giving away for free in the preview below while you think about coming to the show/commenting or not.

As always, all of our love from the deepest caverns of our Christmas cheer filled hearts!


PS: For any of you cool kids out there who made it last year, take a trip down memory lane and check out the blog post for last years event! http://www.sunhotelsounds.com/2009/12/and-then-it-goes-to/

UPDATE: 12/25/10

Video from the event!

18 thoughts on “A Christmas Party. TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT!

  1. alex if you don’t send this to me immediately i won’t french kiss you during mardi gras

  2. BRRRRRR – Sure is cold and lonely up here in the frozen north! Could really use some music to warm my soul! Merry Christmas to you all!

  3. Hi everybody, hope you all had a great Christmas and are currently enjoying that limbo period where no-one knows what day of the week it is. Would love to get mp3 of the Christmas EP, hope I’m not too late!

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