Day 3 – Birmingham, AL

We woke up in a swanky hotel in Mobile and had to remind ourselves that we were in fact still on da to’, and that our luxury landing pad was just 1 stop amongst many smellier, louder ones.  The next logical step was to try and devour / store as much free food as we could.  We then said goodbye to our traveling NOLA friends and headed for Birmingham.

The Sun Hotel to’ boat arrived at The Nick about 4 hours before load-in… plenty enough time to score some free BBQ from the venue’s happy hour and shoot a few bottle rockets under the interstate.  We played our hot-fire-rock-n-roll set and then chilled to the pleasant gypsy folk tunes of The Blue Ribbon Hearts.  We spent the evening hanging out with our loyola bros Josh and Simon and crashed in Josh’s beautiful Alabama home.

Oh yeah, and none of us are quite sure what’s going on… but the Endless Summer tour has been.. a bit chilly? maybe a little overcast? confusing.  Nonetheless, our summer spirits remain and the to’ continues to treat us wonderfully.


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