Day 4 – Memphis, TN

Day four started off in a beautiful hilltop home in Birmingham. After a few hours spent sleeping in and listening the sensual styles of “Disco Bill” with our BFF’s Josh and Simon, we headed out on the long road to Memphis, TN.

Four hours later, we finally found our way to the Lamplighter Lounge. This was probably the coziest place I’ve ever been to, like the living room your grandmother never had. The small, dimly lit room was filled with a pool table, knick-knacks of all kinds, and an almost intimidating assortment of Pabst merchandise. The owner even acted like everyone’s grandmother, and kept trying to give us fudgesicles with our beer.

By the time we had to play, the tiny little room was packed to the brim with Memphis’ finest. We were joined that night by our good friends in Di Di Mao bringing the garage party, and the night ended with some great 90’s alt-rock sing-alongs as the bar was closing (missu chris rehm). Memphis rules.


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