Day 6 – Murfreesboro, TN

Step (Nick's kitten) Biscuits Child

Thanks to a combination of our good friend Sarah, her good friend Scotch, and a very effective bon fire (nice going ross), I woke up whatever day of the week it was refreshed, but in still no way ready for what was about to occur. We had a terrific breakfast courtesy of the Wagner family and made a new 3-year old friend Austin, who found it very easy to bond with us over not having any money to his name either.

We said goodbye to Austin and headed to our second home once removed, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We arrived at a house venue by the name of Houselhoff, which is run by some of Murfreesboro’s finest citizens, and after a fair amount of hanging with our new friends the house quickly became a beautiful mixture of the parties documented in such classics as almost famous and dazed and confused.

Our friends from House Pride Records came out that night and their faithful leader, Nick, opened up the show under her stage name “Mr. Nasty.”

We went home to House Pride later that night and got our minds sufficiently blown by Neil Young’s “Trans”, Bruce Haack, and Raymond Scott’s music for baby. I forgot to mention that we went dumpster diving for the first time with our resourceful friends. We made out like bandits and the next morning had a the most TO’ breakfast in the world.

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