EP Numero Dos! “Team Spirit”


Forgive me if I misspelled any of that I only took Chinese in high-school so my knowledge of foreign languages is pretty horrible.

As you may have derived already from this post, we have officially set the release date for our second EP titled, “Team Spirit.” If you have read any of the previous posts you, may already know that the subject matter of this CD is based largely on the concept of marriage, or as Devin so masterfully put it, “the EP itself, I might add, will take you through all the loves and troubles of marriages and bombard and rock you with the sound of divorce.”

I would love to go further into detail about this but lets leave that to you! 😉

The show is next Thursday at The Maison at 9pm on Frenchman Street and we will be giving away the CDs completely free with paid admission which is only going to be 5$ so please come out! You can find the facebook event here!


If you happen to be busy that day but still want to see us play/still get the CD, we’ve concocted the perfect solution! Or maybe you just want to see us twice? Check this out.


We’ll be sending out our new album to all our wonderful mailing list subscribers(love you guys!) on the 28th just as a little thank-you for being our personal early adopters as well as something else a little more special! As for seeing us live, we’ll be playing this SATURDAY at the Circle Bar w/ the Lovie Dovies and Kicktease(love that name) which should also be a damn good time.

If you are at all interested in this alternative you can subscribe to the mailing list here and find the facebook event here. Also, if you haven’t already follow us on twitter and become our fan on facebook! Because after all, you already read this much haven’t you?

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for checking in!

<3 Alex & Sun Hotel

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