Full Length, Summer Tour, More Videos, DVD

Through the fog and haze of the last 2 days of finals, I envision us feeling like this right about now.

Just wanted to lay down the juicy deets for the big deals that we’re up to these next few months:

  • We’re recording our first full length album next week! I’m not sure how much I’m at liberty to spill about it but know that it’s gonna get super real.
  • We’re just about done booking our summer tour, and will post the dates soon. We’re goin’ up the east coast to B.O.M.B. Fest and back.
  • Along with that tour, you can look forward to my craft of the daily videos and blogs for each day of tour so you can stay tuned in the real time action in our ventures. See the last tour here.
  • Along with the full length recording, I’ll be doing a lot of filming in there as well. However, this will be a more long-term production, a full cohesive documentary of the recording, and will be released as a DVD most likely with the release of the album, later.

If that’s not enough to get you super-jacked I dunno what is.

As far as short-term news about shows:
This Friday, May 7th, in Baton Rouge at the Red Star with We Landed On the Moon
our tour kick off show in New Orleans will be…
Saturday, May 22nd, at the Maison with Giant Cloud and The Hot Plates

oh yes


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