Well hello there…

Hello and thanks for readin!

We’ve joined the blog word! Pretty sweet right?

We have so much to tell you about…so much it is overwhelming really but we’ll wait to give you the big scoop on whats relevant in the land of Sun Hotel and keep it it mindless this time.

We promise to bring you info on upcoming shows and what not in the next couple of posts lets just make sure we get friendly first ; )

Anyways, since Tyler is the only one leading a relatively interesting life these days we’ll clue you in on what he is doing.


Feeling a little frisky after being severely doped up from his root canal, Tyler decided he felt like stimulating our fine economy with a quick trip to the record store snagging a sweet Sigur Ros DVD, a nasty Microphones album, and a damn cheap Phil Collins Vinyl. You’d think everything he had touched would have been worth millions by now right?! Nay…this was 3 dollas.

That’s enough for now. But expect more soon!

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<3$$ Sun Hotel

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