Shows this weekend!

Hey! We’ve got some shows coming up this weekend back home (finally) with some really good friends. We’ve got new music we’re really excited about showing you guys, so stop by if you can! :]

FRIDAY 4/1: Baton Rouge, LA

North Gate Tavern

136 W Chimes St
With He Bleeds Fireman & the Tontons
10:00PM, $5, 18+
[RSVP Here!]

SATURDAY 4/2: New Orleans, LA

One Eyed Jacks

615 Toulouse St
Alexis Marceaux CD Release Party!
w/ Alexis Marceaux & Butter and Jelly
10:00, $8, 18+
[RSVP Here!]







Pay everyone a visit and get to know them, they’re all awesome!

John & Sun Hotel

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