Signs of A New Album to Come – She’s Gonna Take A Picture Too


She’s Gonna Take A Picture Too

As of last week, it’s been over two years since we’ve released a new album and although we’ve been sharing bits and pieces of new music to come, we haven’t actually released anything. Naturally, that’s been driving us crazy and we’ve decided to change that. On Tuesday October 22nd at 10AM CST  there will be a free stream and pay-what-you-want download of a new single called “She’s Gonna Take A Picture Too.”  We’re really excited to share it with everyone and are pretty sure you’re going to dig it. Fingers crossed.

Although we plan to make this available digitally on Tuesday, we do have it online right now and will be giving out download cards at our show tonight. Just stop by the merch booth and grab ya a card and you’re good.  The show is at One Eyed Jacks and starts at 9PM so if you’re in the area, come through! We’re playing with Moon HoneyNatural Blonde, and Julie Odell. If  that’s not good/soon enough for you, we will be playing it live on WTUL between 4PM and 5PM CST as well. To tune in, turn your radio dial to 91.5 FM or visit

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