Day 1 – Lafayette, LA

Where else would we pick to start this tour?

The day began with a packing frenzy. Tyler and Alex had just arrived back in New Orleans from their homes and families in Florida and Philly. In the chaos, we had a few close calls. We temporarily (an hour or so) believed our money safe to have been lost, but ultimately found it under the sofa. I also locked myself out of my house for a while as we were trying to leave.
Nevertheless, once on our way, it was all smooth sailing and sick parties.
We love Lafayette, and Artmosphere.
Did you know this is where we played our first show ever, back in September 2009?

Kidi Midi started off the night and hit it HARD. It felt like Andrew W. K. just busted in and lit the place on fire.
Our tour buddies and best buddies, Caddywhompus, took the stage next and made us look pretty bad.
Our set was filled with broken strings, straps, and cymbal stands, but I think we pulled it off. Everyone still got down really, really hard.
Maybe the best night we’ve ever had here.

However, some ominous notes:

– It’s cold as sh*t and we’re not even out of LA.
– This morning, someone busted the driver’s seat window of our car, we have to pay and get it fixed today.

We’re gonna be ok!

Baton Rouge tonight at the Spanish Moon,
I’ll be sendin’ all my lovin’.


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