Day 2 – Baton Rouge, LA

Broken window, short drive, kick ass show.

Abruptly awoken after a few hours’ sleep – “Why are the police calling me saying they found the trailer and it has been vandalized?”
That was weird. Anyway, we checked it out, cleaned up, and got it fixed relatively quickly. We still haven’t caught the bastards. Our first theory was Alex Hertz super-drunkenly needed cigarettes and just smashed the window instead of finding the elusive keys.
Or maybe Chris Rehm, where was he last night?

We got to Baton Rouge pretty much right on time, checking in at The Spanish Moon.
This would be our first time playing here, it is AWESOME. Especially the sound guy, really, he rules and it sounds amazing.

We played first out of 3, and (to be honest) played wayyy better than last night. We felt big love with the crowd and it all warmed up really quickly into a really awesome time.

Shoelace hit it next and brought the house down with some of the nastiest bass and rhymes I ever heard.Caddy closed out the night like you know they know how to do. Masters of destruction and beauty.

Much Love

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