Day 3 – Ruston, LA

Shreveport canceled, plan B – party hard in Ruston.

That pretty much sums it up.
About 30 minutes outside of arriving in Shreveport, we received an unfortunate phone call explaining that because of a family emergency in the folks who ran the venue, the show that night had to be canceled.
Our first plan was just to hang out, maybe go see Natalie Portman in Black Swan, and get some Taco Bell.
However, Sean stepped up and made a quick connect to Ruston, where we were lined up to play for a house party in two hours.
We still got Taco Bell.
Then, headed for Ruston, about an hour away.
And really, some of the nicest people there! We had a blast, played quieter, but still really fun, sets, and slept on super comfy carpeted floors and sofas surrounded by cute kittens.

Little Rock, AR tonight!



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