Day 4 – Little Rock, AR

Battle with tuna can, discovery of rice cooker and burritos, fun fun fun show, learned to love Little Rock.

First thing on the list was to re-stock food supply.
Wal-Mart. Picnic. Al sort of had a hard time.
Then to Little Rock. None of us had ever even spent time in Arkansas before.
After serving up some of the finest scratch burritos any of us had seen, on the downtown streets, we loaded in and checked out the venue.
Very welcoming, a community arts center with concerts in the basement. Everyone there was really nice, and all the kids came out and made it a real fun and comfy show.
Partied after. Chris Rehm provided most of the entertainment. Curled up on the most comfortable wooden floor I’ve ever slept on.

Please, no comments on the final clip of this video.

Happy New Years Eve! We’re in Fayetteville, AR playing tonight.

miss u


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