Day 8 – Athens, GA

Small bar, cold as F, motel.

Sorry the video may be boring today. To be frank, not that much happened. The views on the ride were pretty awesome, though.
We got to town around 8 or 9. Hungry, we conveniently found a highly revered restaurant (The Grit) right next door to the venue and ate, almost definitely, the best meal of tour.
We were the last 2 of 4 bands, so we got to hang out a lot. It was a very small bar, but looked awesome. Super-disco.
The crowd was thin but among those there were 4 good folks who came all the way from Atlanta just to see Caddywhompus. Friendliest guys. Warmed my heart.

At the end of the night, we were left with no options for a sleeping place. We got lost for a while, then crammed into a room at the Days Inn.
I slept in my sleeping bag under the sink, usually that’d be very comfortable for me, but this was the first night I didn’t really sleep much.
It’s ok though, this is so awesome.



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