More Tour Dates for May! Florida This Week

Shows Shows Shows!


Yes, yes we do. Seriously. But you already knew that. We’ve really had some of the best times of our lives in Florida and we’re really excited to be coming back to Orlando, Jacksonville, Gainesville and Tallahassee as well as visiting Pensacola for the first time! We leave tomorrow (Tuesday). We’ll be starting things off right at Deth Row in Tallahassee so come out and show us your pretty faces.

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Apr 19 Tallahassee, FL @ Deth Row w/ BOTS RSVP
Apr 20 Jacksonville, FL  @ Underbelly w/ AC Deathstrike RSVP
Apr 22 Orlando, FL @ The Cameo Theatre RSVP
Apr 24 Pensacola, FL @ Sluggo’s w/ Cosmonaut Ploy & Uncle Chris RSVP

More Tour Dates:

Also, for any of you non-floridians, we got some surprises for you too! We’ve been working hard on a summer tour and are finally ready to announce some dates. More to come soon too!

May 7 New Orleans, LA (US) @ Studio 3 – CADDYWHOMPUS EP RELEASE w/ Caddywhompus & Hurray for the Riff Raff & Ballzack
May 13 Jackson, MS  @ Ole Tavern
May 14 Mobile, AL @ The Blind Mule
May 15 Birmingham, AL @ The Nick
May 16 Memphis, TN  @ TBA
May 17 Nashville, TN @ The End
May 18 Murfreesboro, TN  @ Housellhoff
May 19 Knoxville, TN @ Longbranch Saloon
May 20 Asheville, NC @ Mo Daddy’s
May 21 Winston-salem, NC  @ The Garage
May 22 Richmond, VA @ The Triple
May 23 Charlottesville, VA @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
May 24 Baltimore, MD  @ TBA
May 25 Philadelphia, PA  @ Chinquapin Records Bedroom Session
May 26 Philadelphia, PA  @ TBA
May 27 New York, NY @ Union Hall
May 29 Cambridge, MA  @ The Plough & Stars
May 30 Brooklyn, NY @ Pianos

Alex & Sun Hotel

Day 11 – Tallahassee, FL

House parties! ( 2 )

Third time in Tallanasty, third house party show with Spencer.
This house was PACKED. Everything unfolded as it should, pure debauchery.
Until the po-digs rolled in and laid down the law. After multiple warnings, orders were to stop the music totally.
Spencer Darr to the rescue – epic announcement that the party is being completely transported to another house a few blocks away.
Thus, second house party! Also packed and raging as ever. Caddy set up and lit the room on fire. We set up and got 3 songs in before the police came again and busted it down.
Party in Tallanasty 4ever.

2 more nights!


Day 8 – Athens, GA

Small bar, cold as F, motel.

Sorry the video may be boring today. To be frank, not that much happened. The views on the ride were pretty awesome, though.
We got to town around 8 or 9. Hungry, we conveniently found a highly revered restaurant (The Grit) right next door to the venue and ate, almost definitely, the best meal of tour.
We were the last 2 of 4 bands, so we got to hang out a lot. It was a very small bar, but looked awesome. Super-disco.
The crowd was thin but among those there were 4 good folks who came all the way from Atlanta just to see Caddywhompus. Friendliest guys. Warmed my heart.

At the end of the night, we were left with no options for a sleeping place. We got lost for a while, then crammed into a room at the Days Inn.
I slept in my sleeping bag under the sink, usually that’d be very comfortable for me, but this was the first night I didn’t really sleep much.
It’s ok though, this is so awesome.



Day 4 – Little Rock, AR

Battle with tuna can, discovery of rice cooker and burritos, fun fun fun show, learned to love Little Rock.

First thing on the list was to re-stock food supply.
Wal-Mart. Picnic. Al sort of had a hard time.
Then to Little Rock. None of us had ever even spent time in Arkansas before.
After serving up some of the finest scratch burritos any of us had seen, on the downtown streets, we loaded in and checked out the venue.
Very welcoming, a community arts center with concerts in the basement. Everyone there was really nice, and all the kids came out and made it a real fun and comfy show.
Partied after. Chris Rehm provided most of the entertainment. Curled up on the most comfortable wooden floor I’ve ever slept on.

Please, no comments on the final clip of this video.

Happy New Years Eve! We’re in Fayetteville, AR playing tonight.

miss u


COAST track, “Suburb” up for STREAM & DOWNLOAD!

Check out “Suburb” from our upcoming LP “Coast”! and download it for free!

Sun Hotel

The release show is September 24th at One Eyed Jack’s with Caddywhompus and Eastern Sea.

For a download of the track, TWEET! or CONNECT on FACEBOOK

We are all super excited for this show, really too much for it to be describable in words.

Honestly, we don’t know what to expect. All we know is, it’s going to be off the chain. We have worked so incredibly hard to get this album recorded, pressed, and promoted so this September 24th, we are going to let it all hang out.

The show is be presented by our good friends over at Antigravity Magazine who were nice enough to do a write up about the show just the other week. Click here to download the latest issue.

That’s just about it though! Would love to write more but we have orders to keep up with and posters to print! See you the 24th!

Anniversary Tour Day 6 – Tuscaloosa, AL

End of the short road.

We were well on our way to being 3 hours-or-so early for this show, when someone spotted Pizza Kastle, and the daunting sign of “”$3.99 mini-golf + 10 free tokens”. We were trapped. The day wiped by and before we knew it we were rolling into Tuscaloosa an hour past load-in.

Luckily, the place and staff were super dooper chill, and actually didn’t mind at all. We even ended up stalling our start time because the crowd was coming in so late.

The set up was strange, being feet away from the bathroom and having toilet-bound friends brush by throughout the set. Nevertheless, it was a good time, especially late when the party crew showed up (see video).

The invite for a wild night in Tuscaloosa was out there, but, alas, our bodies were collectively too weary, too homesick, too partied out from the last week.

We hit the road at 3am, got to our homes at about 7 or 8am.



6/1/10 Philadelphia, PA

House party in Philly!

Finally a stop somewhere farther south than the last!
The day was jovial. We departed from Cooper’s lovely place back up in CT after having stayed a whole day off there, and got into Philly sometime mid-afternoon. First thing on the list was to experience cheesesteaks. We heard from the natives that Pat’s was the place to go. Hit that and hit it hard. Ddeelliicciioouuss.
After seeing a little bit more of the streets and city we headed to our friend Mike’s place to set up and get ready to throw down.
We were told to keep it down because of the neighbors, so we decided on a really laid back quiet set like we do sometimes at coffee shops and things. It was way fun.
Despite this, after 4 songs we received a visitor, hollering to keep down all the “cranked amps” that were searing the air at a blaring level of 2.
We broke down and broke out the party. Drinks, friends, hoola-hoops, dub step mini-raves, and a lot of freestyling ensued.
<3 all our friends up in PA! (last vid will be up tomorrow probably, sorry these last ones are a bit late) Devin

5/30/10 B.O.M.B Fest in Durham, CT

B.O.M.B. Fest

Most of the video is to represent our fellow New Orleans musicians who came out and performed at the fest. And also to parody Donnie Darko, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while even though it didn’t come out that great. I’ll probably try it again sometime.

We had a a blast! (pun almost intended)
and are now finally on our decent back to the south.
currently setting up to play a house party in Philly.



5/29/10 Middletown, CT

We made it to Connecticut?

Well, this is as far north as we go. We did it. B.O.M.B. Fest (tomorrow) is within 10 minutes of here, this was our pre-fest show thing at a night club-esque / UFC watching room.
We met up with a bunch of buddies from back home who are also up for B.O.M.B. Fest and pretty soon, though we’re ages away from home, thing started feeling homey again.
The night was pretty solid, apart from the huge UFC fight projections right next to us which was a little weird, and we all just got pretty jacked about tomorrow.


o jeez