Weezer Throwback

Dear friends,

We’re really excited about our Throwback show coming up this Friday at the Republic NOLA. Throwback is a weekly dance party with bands playing some of their favorite covers from the 80’s and 90’s.

We decided to make this Throwback a really special one though.

We’re going to be playing one of our favorite records, Weezer’s Blue Album in its entirety.

The show’s going to start at 10, and is $5.


Hope to see you there!



PS: Check out this video of our last show at Republic. Filmed & Edited by Matt.


New Track “Talks” Available

We’re very excited to show you yet another track from our upcoming EP Gifts called “Talks.” If you haven’t pre-ordered the new EP yet, you should! It will be available on Vinyl, CD & Digital format(Click here to do that). Watch this video we made about it.

Download “Talks”

Let us know what you think & please share!

Christmas Party 2010 Wrap Up! Christmas EP Download!

Well that was awesome. Let’s do it again next year?! Much love y’all. Merry Christmas! To redeem your download or simply stream the tracks for the split christmas EP w/ recorded exclusively for this event w/ New Grass Country Club, visit http://christmas.sunhotelsounds.com or comment on this post with your name and email + preferred format if you couldn’t make it to the event.

For those of you interested in seeing how it went, check the video out below filmed and edited by our good friend @2mattyb it turned out amazing.

Thanks again y’all! Give us a shout on facebook or twitter if you haven’t already! <3

Al & Sun Hotel


Download Card to be given away at the door!

Hey y’all,

Wassup? Let’s get jacked for tonight huh? Definitely going to rule if you ask me. Just wanted to remind you all that we’re giving away a FREE CHRISTMAS EP that we recorded with New Grass Country Club with paid admission.

I can’t believe it is almost Christmas? Is this real? It’s got to be.

Seriously though, we really put a lot of sweat (mostly because of the absurd amount of sweaters) into this show and we’d love it if every single person available to make it out tonight come out and make this THE BEST CHRISTMAS PARTY EVER!!!

Now, with that being said, I’m sure some may not be able to oblige to such a humble request and for any of you not available to make it out tomorrow night , we have to get you the tracks some how!

But how?! Should we press some physicals and put them up in our store? (Makes great stocking stufferz) Or how about this: leave a comment on this post with your email and we will send them to you right away! That’s pretty cool right?

Regardless, it’s going to be great and we hope all of you are able to make it. Those of you that can’t make it. Leave a comment! Seriously! We’ll send it to you/mail it to you/smoke signal it to you for free! Or maybe not?! Who knows?! Nawww just kidding. It’s Christmas right?! That shit will be free. Unless you don’t want it to be ofcourse…

Anyways, I’m getting distracted…Check out the songs were giving away for free in the preview below while you think about coming to the show/commenting or not.

As always, all of our love from the deepest caverns of our Christmas cheer filled hearts!


PS: For any of you cool kids out there who made it last year, take a trip down memory lane and check out the blog post for last years event! http://www.sunhotelsounds.com/2009/12/and-then-it-goes-to/

UPDATE: 12/25/10

Video from the event!


Dear World,

It’s Thanksgiving eve. It’s also 80 degrees outside and I had to put my sweaters away this morning.

We’re going to be celebrating this confusing start to the holiday season tonight by getting down at One Eyed Jacks (615 Toulouse St)! We’ll be playing with MyNameIsJohnMichael for their last show of the year, and we’ve got a lot of party tricks we’ve been practicing all week. The show starts at 10, and it’s $10 at the door. Hope to see you there!

More importantly,

In case you didn’t already know, our favorite Renaissance man Ross Farbe has been making music in his bedroom for a while under the name Native America. His first album “Dancing About Architecture” was just re-released via Park the Van Records with three new unreleased bonus tracks. You can pick it up and read a letter from Ross right here. Give it a listen if you love puppies and double rainbows and everything good in the world.

Happy Turkey!

Playin’ bars whatever

Click the image to RSVP on Facebook

First of all, we’d like to thank anyone and everyone who spent the evening with us celebrating out record release, it was certainly a night we never expected could go so well and we only have you fine folks to thank for it.

>>> now to business!

I’d like to call your attention to this beautiful advertisement to the left. This is for a show, but not just any show… this is for a COLOUR REVOLT! okay so maybe you’ve never had your face rocked into the 13th dimension, or maybe you’ve never stared right into true beauty, or maybe you just really aren’t sure what the word freedom means. All that aside, one thing is for sure, after you lay your two eyes on Oxford, Mississippi’s Colour Revolt, you won’t have anymore questions about life or death.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that our good friends Big Rock Candy Awesome will be bringing their best jams, and to sweeten the deal, If we by any chance can get our lives together in the next week we will have a brand new song for you fine people. Now this may not sound like much, but believe me, lives will change, families will reunite, boys… will become men. so please join us OCTOBER 22nd At the Hiho Lounge for an evening of epic proportions.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

p.s. I own devin hildebrand in tony hawk proskater 3

-Tyler and Sun Hotel

COAST track, “Suburb” up for STREAM & DOWNLOAD!

Check out “Suburb” from our upcoming LP “Coast”! and download it for free!

Sun Hotel

The release show is September 24th at One Eyed Jack’s with Caddywhompus and Eastern Sea.

For a download of the track, TWEET! or CONNECT on FACEBOOK

We are all super excited for this show, really too much for it to be describable in words.

Honestly, we don’t know what to expect. All we know is, it’s going to be off the chain. We have worked so incredibly hard to get this album recorded, pressed, and promoted so this September 24th, we are going to let it all hang out.

The show is be presented by our good friends over at Antigravity Magazine who were nice enough to do a write up about the show just the other week. Click here to download the latest issue.

That’s just about it though! Would love to write more but we have orders to keep up with and posters to print! See you the 24th!

6/1/10 Philadelphia, PA

House party in Philly!

Finally a stop somewhere farther south than the last!
The day was jovial. We departed from Cooper’s lovely place back up in CT after having stayed a whole day off there, and got into Philly sometime mid-afternoon. First thing on the list was to experience cheesesteaks. We heard from the natives that Pat’s was the place to go. Hit that and hit it hard. Ddeelliicciioouuss.
After seeing a little bit more of the streets and city we headed to our friend Mike’s place to set up and get ready to throw down.
We were told to keep it down because of the neighbors, so we decided on a really laid back quiet set like we do sometimes at coffee shops and things. It was way fun.
Despite this, after 4 songs we received a visitor, hollering to keep down all the “cranked amps” that were searing the air at a blaring level of 2.
We broke down and broke out the party. Drinks, friends, hoola-hoops, dub step mini-raves, and a lot of freestyling ensued.
<3 all our friends up in PA! (last vid will be up tomorrow probably, sorry these last ones are a bit late) Devin

5/30/10 B.O.M.B Fest in Durham, CT

B.O.M.B. Fest

Most of the video is to represent our fellow New Orleans musicians who came out and performed at the fest. And also to parody Donnie Darko, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while even though it didn’t come out that great. I’ll probably try it again sometime.

We had a a blast! (pun almost intended)
and are now finally on our decent back to the south.
currently setting up to play a house party in Philly.