Tour dates announced for East Coast and Midwest (Murder Beach Party)!

Dear friends, starting June 23rd, we’re very excited to embark on yet another East Coast / Midwest tour meeting up with our friends The Lusitania, Young Jesus and JAG periodically along the way. Click on the image below to see all the dates and RSVP on facebook. If you’re in New Orleans, RSVP to the kickoff party @ Siberia with Habitat & The Lusitania


Jun, 23 2012 Chelsea’s Cafe* Baton Rouge, LA INFO
Jun, 24 2012 Siberia* New Orleans, LA INFO
Jun, 25 2012 Smiths Olde Bar* Atlanta, GA INFO
Jun, 26 2012 Motor Co Music Hall * Durham, NC INFO
Jun, 27 2012 The Garage * Charlottesville, VA INFO
Jun 28 2012 Amelias # Landenberg, PA INFO
Jun 29 2012 Myspace #  Philadelphia, PA INFO
Jun 30 2012 Suburbia (Frienship Fest)  Brooklyn, NY INFO
July 01 2012 Big Snow Buffalo Lounge # Brooklyn, NY
July 03 2012 AS220 Black Box # Providence, RI INFO
July 04 2012 Gay Gardens Boston, MA
July 05 2012 Cake Shop # New York City, NY INFO
July 06 2012 Spike Hill Brooklyn, NY INFO
July 07 2012 Mahalls Lanes # Cleveland, OH INFO
July 08 2012 Macs Bar # Lansing, MI INFO
July 10 2012 Subterranean Chicago, IL INFO
July 13 2012 Gills Estate Nashville, TN
July 14 2012 Martins Jackson, MS

* with The Lusitania
# with Young Jesus

Hope to see you at one of these! So excited to make it out on the road again.

Day 9 – Winston-Salem, NC

Picture this: 8:00 AM. I’m asleep on a half-deflated air mattress with T-bird Scurlock when we both get tackled into consciousness by the most excited pitbull puppy I’ve ever seen. I follow this new friend out onto the porch and remember that I’d been sleeping ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN in Asheville, NC.

We had a short drive ahead of us to Winston-Salem, so we took a few hours off to go swimming in a waterfall just outside of Valdese, NC. The falls were freezing cold and I fell down some slippery cliffs, but the whole thing was a pretty awesome experience, After we got our fill of rocks and cave jewels, we got back on the short road to Win-Salem.

We were headed to the Garage, a place we first played on our Behind Enemy Lines tour in 2010. We played with the Turbo Pro Project, a combination bluegrass/hip-hop band with a rapper, a DJ, a double bass and an electric banjo player. We had a really long slot to fill, so we ended up playing most of Team Spirit and Coast in order. Really fun, and really strange.

The crowd was sparse, but we made some really good friends of Beth, Bryan, and Bryan, who decided to stick around for the show and let us stay in their house (and gave us some pizza).


Day 3 – Birmingham, AL

We woke up in a swanky hotel in Mobile and had to remind ourselves that we were in fact still on da to’, and that our luxury landing pad was just 1 stop amongst many smellier, louder ones.  The next logical step was to try and devour / store as much free food as we could.  We then said goodbye to our traveling NOLA friends and headed for Birmingham.

The Sun Hotel to’ boat arrived at The Nick about 4 hours before load-in… plenty enough time to score some free BBQ from the venue’s happy hour and shoot a few bottle rockets under the interstate.  We played our hot-fire-rock-n-roll set and then chilled to the pleasant gypsy folk tunes of The Blue Ribbon Hearts.  We spent the evening hanging out with our loyola bros Josh and Simon and crashed in Josh’s beautiful Alabama home.

Oh yeah, and none of us are quite sure what’s going on… but the Endless Summer tour has been.. a bit chilly? maybe a little overcast? confusing.  Nonetheless, our summer spirits remain and the to’ continues to treat us wonderfully.


Day 2 – Mobile, AL

We awoke at noon in the house of our new best friend Judson. Wiping sleep and dried tears from our eyes, we quickly packed up, said our thank you’s and good byes, and hit the road for Mobile.
Only a 2-hour venture – nothing big. After snagging a half-off meal and unloading into the upstairs comfy-attic feeling room of The Blind Mule, we… basically just hung out really hard until the show started.
We all agreed the show felt really good. The crowd was sparse but endearing, and we had recently purchased new strings/sticks/heads/stands as well and that may have played a mental role in our exquisite performance.
After our set we were met by some of our closest friends from New Orleans who were just coming from a…
wait for it…
Beach Boys performance at Orange Beach.
Apparently John Stamos was playing with them and stealing the show.
Anyway, we ended up leaving the car parked there at the venue and walking to a hotel room our friends had, bro-ing down, hooka-ing, and cracking up at the Halloween Episode of South Park with Korn in it.
Sounds like the ‘to to me.



5/24/10 Murfreesboro, TN

Awww yeah! A nice short drive this time around. Only about 3 hours.

After a short little shot up I65 north we ended up at The Boro Bar & Grill at around 5PM. All seemed good and it all ended up turning out to be a great night. After playing a bit of pool to pass the time, buying an 18 pack of PBR for one hell of a good deal(11$) and grabbing a quick bite to eat(out of our cooler of course) we jumped on stage at about 10PM and played a good long set of about 1.5 hours (only because of encouragement from the bar and a large amount of pitchers of Budweiser given to us).

All in all things turned out really well for a monday night in a bar not usually showcasing bands during the week. Made some new friends, gave away some music, and had an awesome time! Oh, and before I forget! Upon packing up our trailer we encountered quite an interesting fellow by the name of Travis who proceeded to invite us to come hang with him with promises of ladies of any race, age, and size for each member of the band as well as some other strange stuff. Thanks Travis?

Anyways, that’s it for Murfreesboro! Let me know what you think of the video! I (Alex) made it this time around. Thanks for reading!


PS: Thanks again Justin and Henry for being so hospitable to us dudes and showing us a good time.

5/23/10 Birmingham, AL

Finally northern-bound…

First off, disclaimer, the soundtrack was originally Morrissey, but youtube took it down. Anyway.

So we’re actually leaving for a while this time.
High noon we rolled into the bouncemobile and began to gather up the team to leave town. However, before we knew it the keys were locked in the car outside Walgreen’s in the 100 degree heat, and we were delayed a half hour and down an extra 40 bucks.
Still, right after, we hit the road with smiles and high spirits. The ride was long, but the town was worth it.
After meeting our good friend Josh and pals there, we scoped out the venue. Sipsey Tavern is a really cool place with some really nice guys.
First thing we met there was a Celtic jam session filling all the rooms. Awesome. They were also grilling hot dogs right outside the door to hand out.
The other band on the bill, CircuitTree, also extremely nice guys, played a short but energetic set to set the place in the right direction.
The best way I think I could describe our set was friendly and genuine. We rocked hard but not too hard, and almost everyone there seemed to give a good amount of attention. Anyone who didn’t want to be right in front had a cool room off to the side with pool tables n such.
I’m just sayin’, when Tyler throws out his monologue at the end of “Resdiscovery” and its totally silent until he says “thanks” and then there’s a good amount of cheers, it just feels like people are listening and that’s pretty cool.
I don’t have that in this vid, but you can see what I mean at this moment back in Nashville.

see ya


Full Length, Summer Tour, More Videos, DVD

Through the fog and haze of the last 2 days of finals, I envision us feeling like this right about now.

Just wanted to lay down the juicy deets for the big deals that we’re up to these next few months:

  • We’re recording our first full length album next week! I’m not sure how much I’m at liberty to spill about it but know that it’s gonna get super real.
  • We’re just about done booking our summer tour, and will post the dates soon. We’re goin’ up the east coast to B.O.M.B. Fest and back.
  • Along with that tour, you can look forward to my craft of the daily videos and blogs for each day of tour so you can stay tuned in the real time action in our ventures. See the last tour here.
  • Along with the full length recording, I’ll be doing a lot of filming in there as well. However, this will be a more long-term production, a full cohesive documentary of the recording, and will be released as a DVD most likely with the release of the album, later.

If that’s not enough to get you super-jacked I dunno what is.

As far as short-term news about shows:
This Friday, May 7th, in Baton Rouge at the Red Star with We Landed On the Moon
our tour kick off show in New Orleans will be…
Saturday, May 22nd, at the Maison with Giant Cloud and The Hot Plates

oh yes