Signs of A New Album to Come – She’s Gonna Take A Picture Too


She’s Gonna Take A Picture Too

As of last week, it’s been over two years since we’ve released a new album and although we’ve been sharing bits and pieces of new music to come, we haven’t actually released anything. Naturally, that’s been driving us crazy and we’ve decided to change that. On Tuesday October 22nd at 10AM CST  there will be a free stream and pay-what-you-want download of a new single called “She’s Gonna Take A Picture Too.”  We’re really excited to share it with everyone and are pretty sure you’re going to dig it. Fingers crossed.

Although we plan to make this available digitally on Tuesday, we do have it online right now and will be giving out download cards at our show tonight. Just stop by the merch booth and grab ya a card and you’re good.  The show is at One Eyed Jacks and starts at 9PM so if you’re in the area, come through! We’re playing with Moon HoneyNatural Blonde, and Julie Odell. If  that’s not good/soon enough for you, we will be playing it live on WTUL between 4PM and 5PM CST as well. To tune in, turn your radio dial to 91.5 FM or visit

Sun Hotel at SXSW


Sun Hotel:
2:15 PM – All Tamara’s Parties @ Cheer Up Charlie’s (1104 E 6th St) [RSVP]


Sun Hotel:
2:00 PM – Indie Ambassador/Shure Microphones Bus Session (6th St)
6:00 PM – The Howlin’ Wolf & Funky Bat Showcase @ Lucy’s (506 West Ave) [RSVP]
8:15 PM – KVRX Showcase @ Spider House (2908 Fruth St) [RSVP]
1:30 AM – DESTROY ALL PARTIES @ French House (710 W 21st St) [RSVP]


Sun Hotel
10:00PM – Sanchez Garden Party (1605 Sanchez St) [RSVP]


Sun Hotel:
11:11 AM – KVRX Video Session (3502 Duval St)


Sun Hotel:
12PM (midnight) – Texas is Funny Records Showcase (310 E 6th St) [RSVP]

As always, more shows/details to be added as SXSW approaches. Hope to see you there!


Weezer Throwback

Dear friends,

We’re really excited about our Throwback show coming up this Friday at the Republic NOLA. Throwback is a weekly dance party with bands playing some of their favorite covers from the 80’s and 90’s.

We decided to make this Throwback a really special one though.

We’re going to be playing one of our favorite records, Weezer’s Blue Album in its entirety.

The show’s going to start at 10, and is $5.


Hope to see you there!



PS: Check out this video of our last show at Republic. Filmed & Edited by Matt.


New Track “Talks” Available

We’re very excited to show you yet another track from our upcoming EP Gifts called “Talks.” If you haven’t pre-ordered the new EP yet, you should! It will be available on Vinyl, CD & Digital format(Click here to do that). Watch this video we made about it.

Download “Talks”

Let us know what you think & please share!

Two New Free Songs – “Arrange/Got Along” Live & “Tell Me Why” (Cover)

First off, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!! As part of our ongoing campaign to keep gaining Facebook fans as we release a new demo, song, cover, etc, etc for every 100 fans gained, we are excited to announce that we have two more tracks for you guys that we’re sure you’ll love. Since we have now reached the 1,200 & 1,300 mark, we have two songs for you today!

1. Arrange/Got Along

[Right click save as to download]

This past June 2011, we had the pleasure of being able to play a benefit show @ local DIY mecca, Breezys in a very rare 3-piece form that was a hella good time. The track opens with the ever so smooth & sweltering Sharks Teeth track “Arrange” & then moves into “Got Along,” a track off of our upcoming EP “Gifts.”

2. Tell Me Why

[Right click save as to download]

This one is quite the gem. Just a good old lazy day homage to the great Neil Young and his track “Tell Me Why” recorded by Tyler in his bedroom after we ran out things to watch on Netflix. Hope you like it!

So, Thanks again!

Be sure to keep on keeping on with suggesting us to your friends! We can’t thank you guys enough for the support you have given us already. Also, if you haven’t already, sign up for our email list on the right side of the page – we’ll be announcing some more exciting news very soon!

Day 9 – Winston-Salem, NC

Picture this: 8:00 AM. I’m asleep on a half-deflated air mattress with T-bird Scurlock when we both get tackled into consciousness by the most excited pitbull puppy I’ve ever seen. I follow this new friend out onto the porch and remember that I’d been sleeping ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN in Asheville, NC.

We had a short drive ahead of us to Winston-Salem, so we took a few hours off to go swimming in a waterfall just outside of Valdese, NC. The falls were freezing cold and I fell down some slippery cliffs, but the whole thing was a pretty awesome experience, After we got our fill of rocks and cave jewels, we got back on the short road to Win-Salem.

We were headed to the Garage, a place we first played on our Behind Enemy Lines tour in 2010. We played with the Turbo Pro Project, a combination bluegrass/hip-hop band with a rapper, a DJ, a double bass and an electric banjo player. We had a really long slot to fill, so we ended up playing most of Team Spirit and Coast in order. Really fun, and really strange.

The crowd was sparse, but we made some really good friends of Beth, Bryan, and Bryan, who decided to stick around for the show and let us stay in their house (and gave us some pizza).


Day 8- Asheville, NC

After staying the night in Knoxville with our new friend Brandon, we headed out early in search of a Mac store to fix Devin’s crotchety old laptop.  We had a reliably-par lunch in the food court and loaded up into the vehicle.  It was my day to drive.  The mixture of swerving mountain roads and our big bad trailer kept me on edge, and the 3 hours to Asheville went by pretty quick.  The city was especially charming.  We played in a strange little restaurant/venue and made lots of inappropriate jokes about the rapture.  After the show, we decided to light some gas station fireworks in celebration.  They were supposed to be sparkler fountain things, but 2 out of 3 just exploded… relatively unsafe, yes. But a damn good time.  We arrived at our friend Jon’s house a little later to crash.  It just happened to be UP IN some mountains.  Asheville was a beautiful place.


Day 3 – Birmingham, AL

We woke up in a swanky hotel in Mobile and had to remind ourselves that we were in fact still on da to’, and that our luxury landing pad was just 1 stop amongst many smellier, louder ones.  The next logical step was to try and devour / store as much free food as we could.  We then said goodbye to our traveling NOLA friends and headed for Birmingham.

The Sun Hotel to’ boat arrived at The Nick about 4 hours before load-in… plenty enough time to score some free BBQ from the venue’s happy hour and shoot a few bottle rockets under the interstate.  We played our hot-fire-rock-n-roll set and then chilled to the pleasant gypsy folk tunes of The Blue Ribbon Hearts.  We spent the evening hanging out with our loyola bros Josh and Simon and crashed in Josh’s beautiful Alabama home.

Oh yeah, and none of us are quite sure what’s going on… but the Endless Summer tour has been.. a bit chilly? maybe a little overcast? confusing.  Nonetheless, our summer spirits remain and the to’ continues to treat us wonderfully.


Day 2 – Mobile, AL

We awoke at noon in the house of our new best friend Judson. Wiping sleep and dried tears from our eyes, we quickly packed up, said our thank you’s and good byes, and hit the road for Mobile.
Only a 2-hour venture – nothing big. After snagging a half-off meal and unloading into the upstairs comfy-attic feeling room of The Blind Mule, we… basically just hung out really hard until the show started.
We all agreed the show felt really good. The crowd was sparse but endearing, and we had recently purchased new strings/sticks/heads/stands as well and that may have played a mental role in our exquisite performance.
After our set we were met by some of our closest friends from New Orleans who were just coming from a…
wait for it…
Beach Boys performance at Orange Beach.
Apparently John Stamos was playing with them and stealing the show.
Anyway, we ended up leaving the car parked there at the venue and walking to a hotel room our friends had, bro-ing down, hooka-ing, and cracking up at the Halloween Episode of South Park with Korn in it.
Sounds like the ‘to to me.



Day 1 – Jackson, MS

The evening before last ended with a mix of excitement, anxiety, and whiskey, as we prepared to set out on our Endless Summer Tour. We said goodbye to our families, loved ones, and school books, opting instead for a month of what is sure to be nothing short of beautiful American debauchery. We enjoyed the fine sounds of our friends Brian Wilson and Odd Future(swag) on the way to our first stop in Jackson, Ms, and spirits were as high as alex.

Once we arrived at the venue, we ate the finest free dinner this side of the mississippi and busted out the bottle rockets (for some reason something about shooting off bottle rockets in the parking lot of venues really makes you feel like an event is about to occur). Circumstances got stranger and stranger as the evening progressed until after being asked to “bump” in the bathroom after the show by some strangers/new friends, we respectfully declined and followed the guys from the other band sharing the bill (LOOSE ROOSTER! who rule…) to a house 2 hours away in the middle of the country in Hattiesburg, Ms. Arriving at 5 in the morning, we settled in to our temporary home and rested up before reality and our internal clocks set in.

Also, last night I threw up for the first time ever on tour!