5/14/10 Houston, TX

Blog number 1 of tour 2, stoked, let’s do this.

Our first stop in this non-as-organized tour number 2 was a little out of town in our best homeboys’ grounds, H-town.

The place ruled, the vibes were friendly, the weather was hot and wet.

We came out of the corner swinging. (see the 1:45 mark in the video, please, don’t miss it.)

Prior to us was a dope hip-hop duo, Guerilla Foco Clan (I’m pretty sure). Right after us, our besties Caddywhompus tore the house down, and lastly sIngs closed out the night with authority.

I proceeded to pass out in the middle of the crowd on a giant couch during the last set, dreamt of being in Baton Rouge at HTGT again oddly enough, then was awoken with the duty of driving through the A.M. hours and torrential downpour to Lafayette for our place to stay that night. Luckily, Cooper saved me about an hour and a half of the way there and took over. Then, Wafflehouse. We got in to our dearest girl Terra’s <3 home in Lafayette at about 4am.

The next day



Next video will be up tomorrow! ironically enough, we’re also leaving to play again in Lafayette tomorrow, at Artmosphere.



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