5/21/10 Baton Rouge, LA

Meet the newest member of Sun Hotel, Eleanor Tourcat.

Short drive, we spent most of the day at home in N.O., burning cds, packing, joking around n things.
With all the short trips and days off we came back home for, we’d been down this highway I think 6 times in the last week.
We got to BR around 8 o’ clock, right before the first band out of 4 was about to start. We strolled over to Albertson’s and enjoyed a lovely dinner of 2pound-bucket-of-chicken, bread, mondo’s, and watermelon.
At our trailer spot and dinner area, a certain super-friendly and cute cat wouldn’t leave us alone. Immediately we were good pals. More on this later.

The show was homey, comfortable, and awesome. Despite some warm temperature, the renovated HTGT room was good to us and we were good to it. Baton Rouge is a friendly place.
Even the cats are super friendly. As we loaded out, hours after meeting the kitten, we were greeted once again with a storm of purrs and meows around our trailer. We began to realize it was a destined long term relationship.
We decided on the name Eleanor (Eleanor Tourcat) and after discussing the cat’s status with the venue, took her along with the team.
We <3 her. She <3's us. For those wondering, she is now staying at my parents' place in N.O. and will be chilling there until we return from tour later in June. ^^ Jacked to play in New Orleans tonight! Devin

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