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Hey hey,

More news yall! This weekend we have a big show coming up that we put together as an early commemoration to the end of a decade(crazy right? a new decade is 14 days away!) and we would love it if you came and showed us your pretty face. Maybe even wrap it in a nice scarf and sweater?


But yeah, this FRIDAY at CAFE PRYTANIA starting at 930PM, us, Mojo Method, New Grass Country Club and Jesse Heinstein a.k.a. Heist Almighty mash-up master extradanoire are throwing down and hopefully not throwing up in a celebration of all things good coming in the near future (i.e. presents, whiskey & egg nog, fires, family, ham, sleep, whiskey & egg nog, baileys & egg nog, etc).

Just like we always say, come on out! It’s bound to be a great time(mostly because I, Alex “Don’t-Believe-That-The-Band-Sports-Exist” Hertz only have about three hooks I know to promote shows coming up). It’s the holiday season we can be corny right?

Thanks for stopping by! Tried to keep it short for everyone cause I know yer busy buying lots of presents and toys.

Yes, giftcards to pitapit are fine. :)


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