It’s Time, Again

Oh yes.
Here we go again friends, tour numero dos, the “Behind Enemy Lines Tour” (yankee joke), is underway.

  • May 18th – New Orleans, LA – Neutral Ground Coffee House
  • May 19th – Lafayette, LA – Artmosphere
  • May 21st – Baton Rouge, LA – Here Today Gone Tomorrow Thrift Store
  • May 22nd – New Orleans, LA – The Maison $$$$$$$$
  • May 23rd – Birmingham, AL – Sipsey Tavern
  • May 24th – Mufreesboro, TN – The Boro
  • May 25th – Winston-Salem, NC – The Garage
  • May 26th – Mill Spring, NC – The Ultimate Garage
  • May 27th – Charlottesville, VA – Tea Branch Bazaar
  • May 28th – Oxford, PA
  • May 29th – maybe somewhere in CT
  • May 30th – B.O.M.B Fest in Durham, CT $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  • June 2nd – Raleigh, NC – Slim’s Downtown
  • June 4th – New Orleans, LA – Rock n’ Bowl $?

We just got back from the mini start, hitting Houston and Lafayette, and are completely exhausted.
There will be a lot more on that later, trust me, probably too much.

I filmed a bunch and planned and having videos for those 2 days done already, but my version of Final Cut crapped out on me recently. They will be made and up sometime in the next couple days. Be excited, and afraid.
Because we partied here.

Anyway, just know that we’re jacked about tour again, will have videos and blogs for every day again, and the album is sounded effing dope.

By the way, if you wanna see a lil bit of the recording of Seasonality and me looking pretty silly, check this out.

Our friend Tracy stopped by one day to look around and film things.



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