Recognize this?

well if ya haven’t then you should take a good look at this picture i put up on the internet to join it’s 5 million others surfing round the web. Sun Hotel is gonna be throwing down on Saturday night at the downstairs la maison with Booty Trove Brass Band, Reno Bo, & Mynameisjohnmichael /// then on Sunday night Ross and I are gonna be sittin on the ground with our keyboards /pedals /psychedelics while Chris Rehm gets to really know the crowd with his brand new single “Clothing Optional”… so you gonn wanna see that.

you can get all the info you need here!

Well what else is new… Alex got a hair cut today at super cuts and fixed up his old guitar, and oh mannn i’m in class and my professor just told a story about how when she was 13 Bruce Springsteen came to her in a dream and told her to study for her biology class… thanks again Boss. Which reminds me! Devin has an effin’ solo album so that’s pretty rad, you can get that for freeeee $$$ here ///

anyhowwww, thanks everyone who came to geronimo! that was outta sightttt, and afterwards we drove back to new orleans and got on TELEVISION, i have to say we’re letting AAALLL the fame go to our heads for sure…. Devin’s developed some narcotics problems i can’t even legally talk about, john hasn’t eaten in days, and Alex hit a girl! not  your typical hangs-out-at-the-circle-bar-on-week-nights-could-be-from-new-orleans east kinda girl, i mean she was a real nice girl. awww hells yeah, class is getting out early! peaceeee

-Tyler <$3

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