Recording Update + New Video Page On the Site


Hheelllloo eevveerryyoonnee ,

Devin typing here, making my first Sun Hotel post to tell you about 2 recent pieces of news.

I really like that picture.

First off, we’re currently in the process of recording something spectacular! We spent all day yesterday in the studio at Loyola – calling upon the aid of pizza delivery, several on several red cream sodas, chinese take-out, a large American flag (essential), along with about 5 hours of patience for a crashing computer – and emerged completely victorious, lining up most of the tracks for a 4 song EP that we plan to have finished some time next month, January; and, oh boy, it already sounds so delicious. Once everyone gets back in town from the holidays, it’ll be on to polish it off. The EP itself, I might add, will take you through all the loves and troubles of marriages and bombard and rock you with the sound of divorce (it’s a concept EP, sort of, you’ll see what I mean.) The track listing will most likely consist of: All-ways, Plantation Land, Swamp Thang, and Honey. Look forward to it!

Also, if you’ll notice, I’ve added a new Video page to this site. It contains links to videos of some of our live performances, along with one extra something that’s quite entertaining. Check it out at the top of this blog page, or just click here.



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