Recording Update Two + Sweet Picture

14536_1218568463640_1211730058_30950896_6426209_n Dear Internet,

Last night we celebrated the completion of tracking our new EP by eating some too early for the season king cake and viewing Sofia Coppola’s “Virgin Suicides”, which the sound track for that, ya know the one by AIR? well it made our 4-track-folk-swamp-rock and roll ep look like Ross trying to stand up against my GPS system (you should see it… sad really). yeah yeah, so we didn’t make “Love 3” but we finished recording and now it’s on to the real work. studio magic.

So now that we’ve gotten to know each other, let’s talk about this picture, cool right? a healthy number of sun hotel members are featured in it, except for some stranger in a tie who i heard was wandering around Houston a lot this winter lookin’ for smack and hash. Speaking of… school is starting this week! which is great news for us at Joyola because food is expensive (holla?!). Well I just heard some water running in our bathroom affirming that someone else can’t sleep and so they may want to listen to Beach House or something with me, peace!

C          –          H           =          U            +            R             =           C          –         H

-Love Tyler

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