We gon git down!

Hello hello,

Hope life is still treating you right. Just chiming in to let you know about this SATURDAY  10PM at Artmosphere. We’re playing with our good friends in Gamma Ringo and The Class War. Should be a good time right?

Image provided courtesy of Valerie Nehrbass

Image provided courtesy of Valerie Nehrbass

The show starts @ 10ish and we’ll be the first to kick it off with The Class War following us and closing with good ole’ GR. If you are planning on attending and want us to know like we hope you do ; ) you can go ahead and follow this link to the Facebook event. Chyeaah!

All in all, if you’re in town, down with some good music, and are looking for something to do, come on out it’s bound to be a great time!

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