Anniversary Tour Day 1 – Hammond, LA

It’s been a beautiful first year baby.

So here we go winding down the end of a crazy/awesome/eventful Summer X, celebrating our first birthday as a band, starting a small tour that is bound to be more party than we might be ready for. Our first stop is in John’s old stomping grounds, his hometown, Hammond.

This choice is especially nostalgic, for when the very beginning seed of Sun Hotel was planted, and Tyler and Alex played their first acoustic set together, it was also in Hammond, about a year and a half ago.

We actually arrived here late afternoon Tuesday in order to do a radio interview on with KSLU (thanks Ryan $$) and just to hang with some of our best Hammond buddies. The hospitality/amount of extreme Super Smash Bro’s we’ve encountered at Josh/Michelle/Shelby/TJ’s residence these 2 days is astounding, thanks to all you guys again.

During the day (Wed.), we took some flyers and spread the word to the kids at SouthEastern U. and snagged some much need Chik-Fil-A. After that it was pretty much a Smash fest and chill sesh with friends until it came time to roll to the venue.

Cate St. Pub is pretty awesome. The Staff were super friendly (I got a sting-ray silly bracelet from a bartender), the sound was good, the crowd endearing, and you could smell the legacy of hometown hero John buzzing about all night.
We enjoyed 2 bands, Better By Design and Eyes All Around, then gave it 110% on stage for the first of 7 nights to come. The show felt rad, and the atmosphere was warm.

Overall, a nice  landing-in day to this short crazy tour.

We’re about to leave for Lafayette to play at Grant St. Dancehall tonight, and if you know me you know that means I’m happy.

oh, p.s., notice Tyler’s new trade skill of friendship bracelets, they are all crafted skillfully and with all his love, and are only 1$ each! I also hear that he is taking requests for anything you would like woven into bracelets.

luv always,


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