Anniversary Tour Day 3 – Baton Rouge and Folsom, LA


We spent most of the day staying real comfy in Lafayette. Hanging with our bff Camille, chilling by the pool, watching Woody Allen movies, etc.
We left at around 7, met our best bud/friend/savior Johnathan Tillman in BR about an hour later, and were greeted by a very nice crowd at the Red Star Bar. This place reminds me of a fancy Circle Bar. We really like that. We played first, it ruled, then packed up and set sail for the greatest place in the universe, the safari party in Folsom.
What can I say about it? You’ve heard the stories.
My camera floated around the crowds and unfortunately returned minimal footage, however, trust me, the night was absolutely awesome, climaxing (for me, at least) with Chris and I playing 3 songs as “Kittywhompus” (Caddyhompus) on the back patio.

We are spending today nurturing party-scars in Jackson, playing tonight at one of our favorite places to hang out, Ole Tavern.
Flashback: Video for our tour stop at Ole Tavern back in March.

miss u


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