Anniversary Tour Day 4 – Jackson, MS

Guys, this place is awesome.

“Woke up and walked to the car, surrounded by zebras.”
Shook off the awesomeness of last night and headed out for Jackson by early afternoon.
I think we’re beginning to figure out Jackson. Upon first glance, it looks pretty quiet. Ok, we really haven’t even seen too many people at all outside of this venue the times we’ve been there. But, once night falls and music starts, this place knows how to get down, and it goes down pretty big.
We were there early, and spent the day setting up verrrrry slowly, playing Buck Hunter games (Chris = erotic puzzles), watching Gladiator, and enjoying the most awesome meal of any tour, Ole Tavern’s complementary meals (burgers and fried sandwiches.).
Freaking delicious.
We were playing before a band of hometown heroes, who just so happened to be playing their final show as a band, so the place was ready to go big. The crowd was all there and ready by the time we started, our new best friend Lenny the sound guy made us sound absolutely magical, and the show was pretty much totally awesome.
This place even provides a whole house right next door for bands to stay in.
Like, a whole small house to yourselves.

We slept with awesome feelings, and set our alarms early to set ship for Tallahassee.
It’s time for Darrfest X.



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