Anniversary Tour Day 5 – Tallahassee, FL

Spencer’s 21.

About 15 minutes of rushing showers and throwing on clothes getting out the door in Jackson to the road asap. We had a long drive to Tally and wanted to be there for the very start of the party (and supper).
Routing day drive.
A little background, Spencer Darr is Tyler’s bff from hometown Celebration, FL. They’ve seen it all together, and are deeply in love. It was the day of Spencer’s 21st birthday, and there was relaly no option but to drive out and help throw down the most ragin’ house party you can fit into a Sunday.
We loaded in gear to the backyard as soon as got there, nommed on some excellent, excellent Darr-quesadillas, and quiet honestly starting drinking as early as we could as well.
The first band, Black Cloud, started the tunes off right at around 10. Super rad, under the coppers came and disallowed any more. But we weren’t going down that easy. We moved all the sofas out of inside and set up our noise making material right in the living room. Close quarters combat, but we played a set not to be forgotten.
The rest of the night could be, and was forgotten, and is now only legend.

Happy birthday Spence.



ps I’m sorry to be a day behind on the updates now, we were without internet forever. : [

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