Anniversary Tour Day 6 – Tuscaloosa, AL

End of the short road.

We were well on our way to being 3 hours-or-so early for this show, when someone spotted Pizza Kastle, and the daunting sign of “”$3.99 mini-golf + 10 free tokens”. We were trapped. The day wiped by and before we knew it we were rolling into Tuscaloosa an hour past load-in.

Luckily, the place and staff were super dooper chill, and actually didn’t mind at all. We even ended up stalling our start time because the crowd was coming in so late.

The set up was strange, being feet away from the bathroom and having toilet-bound friends brush by throughout the set. Nevertheless, it was a good time, especially late when the party crew showed up (see video).

The invite for a wild night in Tuscaloosa was out there, but, alas, our bodies were collectively too weary, too homesick, too partied out from the last week.

We hit the road at 3am, got to our homes at about 7 or 8am.



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