5/23/10 Birmingham, AL

Finally northern-bound…

First off, disclaimer, the soundtrack was originally Morrissey, but youtube took it down. Anyway.

So we’re actually leaving for a while this time.
High noon we rolled into the bouncemobile and began to gather up the team to leave town. However, before we knew it the keys were locked in the car outside Walgreen’s in the 100 degree heat, and we were delayed a half hour and down an extra 40 bucks.
Still, right after, we hit the road with smiles and high spirits. The ride was long, but the town was worth it.
After meeting our good friend Josh and pals there, we scoped out the venue. Sipsey Tavern is a really cool place with some really nice guys.
First thing we met there was a Celtic jam session filling all the rooms. Awesome. They were also grilling hot dogs right outside the door to hand out.
The other band on the bill, CircuitTree, also extremely nice guys, played a short but energetic set to set the place in the right direction.
The best way I think I could describe our set was friendly and genuine. We rocked hard but not too hard, and almost everyone there seemed to give a good amount of attention. Anyone who didn’t want to be right in front had a cool room off to the side with pool tables n such.
I’m just sayin’, when Tyler throws out his monologue at the end of “Resdiscovery” and its totally silent until he says “thanks” and then there’s a good amount of cheers, it just feels like people are listening and that’s pretty cool.
I don’t have that in this vid, but you can see what I mean at this moment back in Nashville.

see ya


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